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Sodr Research

January 1st, 2018

Fashion, creation, symbols, geometry and its effect will be treated concepts involving. Working through research one it forms to favor a segment of the feminine fashion with more comfortable clothes, compromised with the forms, in a process of creation very elaborated and with differentiated techniques. Chapter I presents the development of a research of reference […]


November 30th, 2017

He would be esdrxulo: ‘ ‘ Joozinho you showed aptitude to learn function of as grau’ ‘. Or: ‘ ‘ Pedrinho you have aptitude to learn Topology, Algebra, Analysis ‘ ‘ Such situation, improbable and improbable would be unusual. Still well! are common to see highly capable individuals and notables in its areas of performance […]


September 28th, 2017

For moreover, some types of staple fibres exist: the staple fibres of colagno, most abundant and that they meet in parallel to the cutaneous surface; the elastic staple fibres, that have the capacity of if distenderem and immediately to recoup its previous dimensions; e, finally, the reticular staple fibres, finest, that form one septo with […]

The Scientific

February 10th, 2017

Through the experiences the pupils perceive a ressignificao of the content. a proven time what it is being studied is perpetuated, started to be valid, starts to be part and an incorporated time the psychological structure, never is forgotten, is as to walk of bicycle? later that it is learned, can take years without walking […]

So far the astrophysics offer three theories on the origin of the Universe. The main one of them is the theory of Big-Bang. All the theory of the Astrophysics that refer to the origin of the Universe, starts from the gaseous state of the primitive substance. However, the substance passed for millions of evolutivas phases […]


May 2nd, 2012

To work in the Army is dream of many professionals, either of which area will be. the interested parties cannot lose this chance, since the Brazilian Army opened registrations for the invocation of voluntary professionals to act as official temporary in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso of the South. For this, it […]