October 31st, 2012

The inhabitants of the first village established in the Portuguese colony, Are Vicente, had been to ‘ urnas’ to choose the City council. The voting was indirect, that is: the people chose six representatives, who, after that, had chosen the officers of Advice (MACEDO; MANHANELLI, 2007). The following manifestations date of the monarchic period where […]

Each of us probably have at home or in the country pile of boxes, which according to our own words “a trash, but that is a pity to throw.” And those who have various old envelopes’s 80 from relatives? Again many. Throw a pity, because these same envelopes keep some history, but they are litter […]

The Protestant Reformation

October 6th, 2012

It has Jesuit indications of that many Missions and Reductions enlisted the indians to teach them the European customs and to make them enslaved. The all price, the Jesuits? that they had not been first the religious ones to arrive in Brazilian territory, this merit is given to the missionaries franciscanos? they wanted to dominate […]