Wonderful African Story

July 28th, 2013

Rest in the Kingdom of Morocco is like a legend: there a great climate, excellent service and low prices. Discounted tours to Morocco, especially popular in summer, because in this state the peak season have in the hottest months. Despite the fact that this state in the south is the border with Western Sahara, then […]

So far the astrophysics offer three theories on the origin of the Universe. The main one of them is the theory of Big-Bang. All the theory of the Astrophysics that refer to the origin of the Universe, starts from the gaseous state of the primitive substance. However, the substance passed for millions of evolutivas phases […]

STSI Background Information

July 19th, 2013

STSI is a special organ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through which the state regulates the safety of road users. The names of the body are changing very often, now its official name sounds like – the Department of Road Safety Russian Interior Ministry (Department of OBDD, DOBDD), as he had previously referred to […]

The Unit

July 12th, 2013

Unity is our currency. We must unite the soldier and the official environment with its neighbours suffering from blackouts, inflation and shortages. We must unite together to the officer that goes to the restaurant and feels observed with people who are at the other tables and so regain the Venezuelan identity. The unit is the […]

If only military vehicles that United States has deployed in Iraq are aligned in a column, with its bumper in contact, they would occupy the space between Madrid and Warsaw; If they parade in column to about 50 km/h, with the required intervals, it would take two months and means to see them pass everyone. […]

Bolivian Crescent

July 3rd, 2013

The Russians are everywhere and they should adapt to the environment in which they live or they should return to the motherland. But such as they have a powerful father who has no punches in defending them and invade any contiguous State, with the certainty that nobody You can fight against him, the situation becomes […]