June 30th, 2015

Little about the military-style clothing. The most common things that have fallen out of the army so to speak "on the citizen": camouflage jackets, high boots, vests are worn with pleasure by both sexes. At all times the armor did not play purely practical significance. Among other things, they stressed the wealth and gentility of […]

Taxi and car rental business as well as Behindertenfahrdiente and couchette cars with hard-to-remember item numbers must grapple with Christmas campaign of the German medicine data center at the settlement of insured with the statutory health insurance. Not so with the billing on the Internet about the German medical data center (DMRZ). Billed only after […]

1 nationwide Mayor Congress is expanding its range and presents strategies against looming financial losses due to recent events. Kissing, November 16, 2009. Tough times for local authorities: scroll in high mass losses of tax revenue, increasing social spending and missing economic investment. More Treasurer and Mayor need to revise downwards their budget plans. Against […]

HDT Offers Seminar

June 23rd, 2015

House of technology hosted seminar on 03 to 04 February 2010 in food with a focus on chemical legislation the toxicology in the pharmaceutical industry not only an ever-increasing role occupies. The House of technology in Essen offers therefore 03 to 04 February 2010 a seminar “working methodology Toxicology” under the leadership of Mr Dr. […]