Sodr Research

Posted January 1st, 2018 by Suzy

Fashion, creation, symbols, geometry and its effect will be treated concepts involving. Working through research one it forms to favor a segment of the feminine fashion with more comfortable clothes, compromised with the forms, in a process of creation very elaborated and with differentiated techniques. Chapter I presents the development of a research of reference for the subject of the collection presenting the sprouting of the geometric forms, its meanings and uses. Chapter II is the development of the definite collection as? Soft geometry? that it uses elements presented in the previous chapter expressing a new geometry, as something innovated demonstrating that through it and different details in colors and clippings instigantes parts to the purchase for the public-target can appear. METHODOLOGY In this project was developed a bibliographical research, with the purpose to know as geometry is used, mainly in fashion, and which would be its better use.

The metodolgico procedure of the project was pautado in the research in books, electronic pages and articles. Amongst the main searched authors, we can cite: Focillon (1983) that it introduces on the forms; to explain the sprouting of geometry it was based on the Wikipdia and dictionary; Sodr (2008) makes a presentation of some geometric elements; Chevalier (1999) exemplifica the symbolism of these elements; Hornung (1983) explains on branches of geometry and speaks of the application of this substance and symbols of design with influence in the result of the image that if it desires to pass; Anhesine and Queiroz (2002) exemplificam the meaning of the fashion; Laver (1989) presents indications of geometry in fashion; The Garci’as (2008) and Lacerda (2008) show to revolutionary style only of Emilio Pucci and its prints. Lopes (2008) cites on op art, that it presents many geometric forms. History and creativity of Erika Ikezili removed of its site, as example of geometry in fashion; Peres (2008) and Douat (2008) speak of the use of geometry in fashion and in what it implies.

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