The task of cleaning the territory under the power line was and remains relevant. Cleared strip zarostaet quickly enough after a few years needs to be re-cleared. Perform this task in various ways. One of the them – trimming the trees by hand and their further processing. One of the advantages of this method – […]

Drinking Water

January 25th, 2012

Take for example the countryside Hoeyz Bridge. Of the thirty respondents homeowners fourteen stated that they have only one source of water intake. The quality of these sources was estimated to be generally low to beautiful, but they were considered fit for drinking. In the remaining sixteen Households are categorically rejected the nine sources from […]

Domain Registration

January 21st, 2012

For webmasters priority is to register domains. At the same time as a rule there is a goal to register a domain for a low price and without the risk of losing him. This is understandable, since the extension of the price of most registrars as generally equals the price of registration. And once paid […]


January 10th, 2012

Pre-Start-Routinen tie the character up to 24 hours to one place and prevent the player accidentally slipped past the character, as one example, as time sleeping. For such cases, should be a rationale (for example, guards at the gate). In our case, we made the choice in favor of the Pre-Start-Routinen: Since the forest is […]