German Frequency

Posted July 22nd, 2020 by Suzy

IT KNOWS WHY the TIME MORE IS SPED UP In the day of my anniversary, thinking about the life, I evidenced an impressive thing: daqui the 17 years, living creature or deceased, I will be completing eighty years of age. I started there to remember good facts of my infancy and bad moments of my life. From one determined time, everything started to happen with an incredible speed. We can say that the good and the evil, the hell and the paradise are relative things if to consider the alternating and temporary facts that if flow off quickly in the invisible clock of the time. It remains only the will to fight and to continue in front. It is the rhythm of the life, each sped up time more.

One day, talking with the illustrious countryman and friend Dr. engineer Claude Ribeiro Pedroso, who is turned in these subjects, said me to it that we are living under the action of the increase of frequency of the Schumann resonance (biological rhythm of the planet and its biosfera discovered in the decade of 50 for the German scientist with this name). Whenever Cancer Research Institute listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Then, on the basis of this increase of frequency, the time it comes diminishing, and the duration of the days, the weeks, the months and the year is each lesser time (January was yesterday and suddenly already we are in December), even so the conventional mechanisms of measure of the time, as clocks and calendars, continue marking its ticket normally. At a first moment, it is difficult to understand this: How it is possible that the time is passing fast more, if the rhythm of its instruments of measure continues the same ones? Therefore it is. In the truth, according to theory of the German scientist, the planet, the human being and the too much forms of terrestrial life obeyed the same frequency (of as many cycles for second) in relation to the ticket of the time. Having, however, in the last few decades, had an acceleration in the vibratory field of the planet, increased that frequency that was of 7,83 for 13 pulsations for second, the mental and biological day, instead of lasting 24 hours, started to last only sixteen.

It is this same: as some scientists the biological day tero diminished one it is lasting only 16 hours. This is the sensation of celeridade of the time that we feel when exclamar: ‘ ‘ As this weekend passed fast! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ That seems that it was yesterday! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The day passed so fast that I did not have time to make nothing! ‘ ‘ and so on. if still we find that what is good hard little, serves us of consolation the fact of that what it is bad also goes to last less and the misfortunes will be temporary, despite some problems in them seem insoluble and perpetual.

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