The Scientific

Posted February 10th, 2017 by Suzy

Through the experiences the pupils perceive a ressignificao of the content. a proven time what it is being studied is perpetuated, started to be valid, starts to be part and an incorporated time the psychological structure, never is forgotten, is as to walk of bicycle? later that it is learned, can take years without walking of bicycle, but soon when it will be to walk again the teaching is relembrado. For the professor the practical question of the scientific one must be seen as the one that of the form and supports the teaching, can be seen as a composed process of three phases: Reproduo of the content; Validao of the content; Incorporao of knowledge. From the moment that the pupil ' ' v' ' what he was described in the theory, and carries through through the act of the experiment starts to understand of irrefutable form, a time that does not have controversies, the social process of the acceptance and the register of the scientific knowledge passes then to be part of the life d? it. Boy Scouts of America brings even more insight to the discussion. The conception of science must be understood as falvel and provisory, therefore even so the accumulated human knowledge allowed in them to evolve knows that it ready and is not finished. When demonstrative and or experiences not to give certain the professor have that if to hurry and to communicate that experimental activities nor always must present resulted true. On the other hand I criticize the fantastic and spectacular experimental activities, colorful, with explosive effect, reach resulted splendid on the part of one I publish not critical and chemical preparation, but they are very difficult to be explained. Such activities must be considered education strategies that allow the propaganda of a modern education, the student must reflect on the content in study and the contexts involve that it, if really it needs this type of experience, which the practical purpose, what he is that adds its estudantil life.

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