Supporting Our Troops

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In this day and age it is not always popular to be proud of your country. So called sophisticated people believe that one’s country should be the ‘Big Brother’ or the candy man, endlessly distributing treats to its spoiled children. This attitude of expecting things from the government without giving back is a very destructive and unhealthy state of affairs for a country to be in.

In 1961 President Kennedy asked at the moment of his inauguration as president of the united States, “Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country.” This inspiring speech, made during peacetime, was a cry out to the young people of that generation to volunteer in a variety of programs to further the cause of democracy, freedom and peace around the world. The Peace Corps began, and other organizations to place idealistic young people all over the country to help people who were left behind in the march towards the Great American Dream.

Now we are fighting a dangerous enemy, fundamentalism and terrorism. If anyone does not think these things are a threat to our country, they need a few lessons in history. Freedom is not a given. It is not the natural state of man. It is a condition that must be guarded and fought for, and we have our brave soldiers to thank for helping us maintain our freedom. Do not take your rights for granted. They may be G-d given, but they can easily be man-taken.


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It's like all the known print. Protrusions master painting, from the top plates paper. Picture remained on the sheet. There is a picture! Initially, the cheap popular New Year's drawings depict a family contented with what That's right! With a huge bag of gold. But that is what we often want to get in the new year. Then on Figures painted pictures churches, snow-covered trees. That is the time to visit the United Kingdom, the so-one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.

The specific date is indicated for nothing. In seventeen hundred ninety-fourth year, was created by a postcard from the New Year, which was the first. Painted her a Dobson. Imagine a forest in winter? Quietly falling snowflakes, trees in white suits. Not far from seeing a fun family Christmas trees.

That's what the story was the first postcard. It is not something Sean Rad would like to discuss. Sender of the first image, email this, Henry Cole became the uk. He was an acquaintance of John Gersli, who gave his consent as a friend to draw a card. From this figure printed a thousand, and it was the first party of the true, more than our usual Christmas kartonok. Of course, these funny pictures every liking. Since that time, the tradition of sending greeting cards has become universal. After British postal service to Russia denounced painted paper greetings, they are interested in our country. There is a version that the first Russian postcard from the New Year – merit artist Nicholas Karazin. Change of power. Came socialism, and religion has been declared "opium of the people." That's why banned the celebration of Christmas and New Year. But you can not make perfect just disappear. Then again, cards are pleasing to the eye, this time with images of heroic personalities. Since it fell on hard times of war with Nazi Germany, these cards have served other purposes – promoting the ideals of socialism and the Soviet soldiers raising the faith in victory. In post-war postcards showing a peaceful life and a peaceful family life. Frequently Nieman Foundation has said that publicly. Those who are older, with their nostalgia. Now young people rarely send postcards that you can hold in your hands. Often limited to sms Coy well, or in extreme cases, an electronic postcard. Is it good or bad, hard to define. Changed the principles of data have changed and methods of communication. Despite this situation, Cards on a sufficient scale, and there are people who really like this kind of congratulations. So the choice is yours. Happy New Year!


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At these moments of important decisions politics for the state and country, we go to speak of serious things and that it really has importance for our history. We go to speak of the pioneirismo, in Rondnia. Time for another one in we see them involved in the question: who was or which had been the pioneers of Rondnia and our rondonianas cities? The answers are most different. It depends only on toward where we come back our eyes. Remembering that, in history terms, more than what to know who was the first one, it is important to know why this first one it made what it made. (Not to be confused with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger !).

Because it left its lands and it migrou? However, while we do not decide the problem of the causes, we go to think on the facts. The fact is that we do not know who can be considered pioneering. Let us see why: for some Rondon and its team they are the main pioneers, with the installation of the telegraphic lines, therefore with this if it defined the tracing for the posterior opening of BR 364. Others affirm that in the end of century XIX and start of century XX a pioneering action occurred, developed for thousand of workers who had constructed to the Railroad Mamor Wood. The majority of which, well the truth, never more it left the Amaznia, therefore had been embedded here. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sean Rad. Some defend the priority of the two waves of workers inject for them, as pioneering of Rondnia.

Remembering that a group occupied the current Acre, conquering it for Brazil; later they had come the soldiers of the rubber who, forgotten for the system, had given great services in the process of occupation of the region. Its way, also is pioneering. Centuries before some bandeirantes had crossed the Amazonian scrubs, passing for Rondnia. First of north the south (Francisco M.

Peter Bullet

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For trying to help, it was acquitted for the society, tarjado even of delinquent, therefore he did not make as the majority of the clergy gave the coasts for a verdica situation and that it was about human beings. But the priest Jose Peter had been laborer and wise person as to treat the boys. He treated them as the men, as the friends. thus conquered the confidence of them, if it made friend of all, exactly of that, as Peter Bullet and the Professor, did not like to pray Thus (LOVED, Captains of the sand, P. For more information see Boy Scouts of America. 69), happen today, many of the religious ones does not deal with this situation inaquality as noble cause for the work of them, they want are to be accomodated, obeying only what the auto clergy demands, in the text the author in them well clearly bring this indifference that the church treats the most needed. Bravest and also most nervous it is the Dry Return that has as anxiety revenge would originate from an infancy without love. It dies of anger alone to hear of any authority and in the group it presents an obsession for cangao, wanting to be part of the group of lampio, where in conflicts with the soldiers it kills some soldiers and imprisoned and is condemned by these crimes.

The professor searched a candle, lit, started to read the notice of the periodical. Perhaps check out David Delrahim for more information. Lampio had entered in a village of the Bahia, kills eight soldiers, deflorates young women, pillages the safes of the City hall. Dry the shady face in return if illuminated. Its pressed mouth if opened in a smile. (LOVED, Captains of the sand, P. Boy Scouts of America is a great source of information. 44) only the deficient one was the without-legs, it had a defect in the leg, was cox

Venezuela Habra War

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As a result of which the Colombian army penetrated at dawn of the Saturday first of March in Ecuadorian territory to kill to Raul Kings and other 18 combatants of the CRAF, Ecuadorian president Rafael Strap denounced the violation of his national sovereignty. Also he maintained that Colombian president Alvaro Uribe lay to him when informed to him that their troops did such action persecuting to these terrorist. According to Strap the occurred thing was one massacre done against people who were slept and using the support of a great power (and so it suggests the USA was behind it). Bogota has given several versions. Perhaps check out Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA for more information. The initial is that their terrorist troops persecuted to to those who gave reach in the South border, although soon the forensic doctor has declared who the corpse of Kings showed the salary been sleeping and Oscar Naranjo, Colombian police head, has declared who the base of the CRAF was not movable but fixed (and that in her demonstrates that there have been bows with the government of Quito).

After Exempt it he has expelled to the Colombian embassy and this one, like Caracas has retired their embassies of Bogota, at the same time as they have mobilized thousands of soldiers to his border with Colombia. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has been very emphatic in saying that if Colombia had done something similar in its own ground it would have meant a causal one to enter a war. When raising it and when sending ten battalions to its western edge, Chvez wants to be as a firm defender of the sovereignty of its nation and against the interference of the USA (to that it accuses to be the power after Uribe). That incident serves to him to reinforce its thesis to go towards a joint troops of the DAWN.

Johann Goethe

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Albert Einstein Physicist Jew-German SEVEN KEYS 65 Said Pilatos to them: There you tend an escort; IDE and you keep the tomb as you to seem well. 66 Going they, had mounted guard to the tomb there, stamping the rock and leaving the escort. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 27:65 and 66. Why they wanted in such a way to hide the Light of the CHRIST? Because JESUSES longed for to continue hiding of the People the Truth that it made to shine in all the sedentas Souls of freedom. ' ' The biggest necessity of a State is of governing corajosos' '. Johann Goethe Poeta and German Romancista The LIGHT OF the FIRST DAY the light of the first day, of that time of has two a thousand years more than, was not of the sun, therefore it not yet wakes up and the Light of the CHRIST already blinds the soldiers who kept the tomb.

1 In findar of Saturday, when entering the first day of the week, Madalena Maria and to another Maria had been to see the tomb. 2 and here it is that she had a great earthquake; because an Angel went down of the Sky, arrived itself, removed the rock and was based itself on it. 3 its aspect was as a lightning, and its vestment, white as the snow. David Delrahim, Los Angeles California may find this interesting as well. The 4 and guards had trembled espavoridos and been as if they were died. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP.

28:1 the 4. ' ' The behavior is a mirror in which all show its imagem' '. Johann Goethe Escritor and German Dramaturgo The WOMEN AND 5 ANGEL But the Angel, directing itself it the women, said: You do not fear; because I know that you search JESUS, that was crucificado. 6 It not it is here; it revived, as it had said.

Vargas Llosa

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In the evening my uncle insisted on remaining in the convent. I spent the night in the house without more company than the one of my zamba. This girl said to me: " Young lady subject you nothing if the soldiers or rabonas come to rob, I are not Indian as they their language are mine. I will say to them: my mistress is not Spanish is French, do not do damage to him, I am sure that then they will not do anything to him, because they do not attack but his enemigos". Thus a slave of fifteen years expressed itself.

But no age, the slave has loved his masters by candies that these are. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has many thoughts on the issue. … Ntese the use of the noun my Zamba to denominate the slave accompanied who it by almost the year that was in Peru. Vargas Llosa in their novel the paradise of the other corner notices this situation and for effects of their novel, the autodenomina Dominga. But what means that Flora never named to the black, racially mixed Indians nor? This absence says to us that the individuacin process is absent.

When we do not have but a common name is that our individuality does not own consistency, does not have visibility. The social sectors are not even class (as he were it the European proletariado one for Tristn Flora), the individuals compose the mass: they are an amorphous organization that lacks individuality. As a result of this one ties at the outset to what has been said. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . No it is flora the one that speaks, but is the beginning of the Positive speech being implanted. Where science is the unique speech that must be considered and the societies evolve in a progressive sense. (Ntese like dependent this conception of man us enrumba directly to the conception of society).


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But this it is another subject. We continue informing with respect to the reptilianos. me. All this information is necessary so that you yourself you can activate codes of information of the original DNA and you do not have to go to anything or to anybody TO KNOW the TRUTH. You only must remember who you are and what you do here, that is everything. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Neal Barnard or emailing the administrator. We follow. In the previous chapter we spoke on the visible hierarchies created by the reptilianos, that is to say, the policy, religion, education, mass media, the governments, the States, the armies, etc. and takes us question to the main: who maintain this so expired hierarchy. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Then the answer is: we and our unconsciousness.

In the sector of psychiatry (absolute invention of kassamanstrh) and the medicine there are three classes human beings: The conscious ones, unconscious and the infiltrated ones. The conscious ones are those that SUPPORT and KNOW the plan the reptilianos and they generally welcome this service of death announced by a power that escapes of the hands to them but before they recover it to them. These are very few. There are so many no aware these plans (now are going away to find out all, jejeje), but these few are souls completely separated of human the adhenaica empathy. They are enslaved servants and direct (and unconscious of which they are it) of the reptilianos. The unconscious ones are those that do not go further on, that is to say, that support a system that they do not understand but that in summary she gives one them pretends good life.

They are human beings who do not know what they execute and either they do not wish to deepen beyond which they see his noses. They vibrate in a neutrality and fear scale. Their emotions are soothed and slowed down. They do not know who are but it either does not matter not to know it to them. They are those that maintain to this plan to very long term. And finally they are the infiltrated ones. The infiltrated ones, by all means, are those conscious souls of light that they are mixed with the lagartianos plans and they execute his luminance activator of destruction of systems of beliefs. It can be through his mental talents, of his sanadores gifts and their natural alchemy towards everything what it surrounds to them due to his inherent one to wake up divine and human. They are those that know the plan and know who are and because they are here. They are thousands and thousands. They are the active and deep soldiers. Thanks to them, to this solar advance party, the planet never takes an imagined form.

November Graphics

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The players must build up in the Settlers series to their castle, which you own the game begins, a settlement. The goal is to be superior to the resources available to his opponents, economically, militarily and culturally. The manufacturer, Blue Byte published on 13 June 1993 the first settlers game from the hands of the maker Volker Wertich for the Amiga. The game certainly corresponded to the then-standard game and is very easy in a 2D graphics. The cards are based on number combinations that make it possible to play the same card again. There are 20 different occupational groups and five levels of knights.

The Amiga version was released in June 1994 by Alexander Jorias and Ingo Frick as a PC version. A special feature is the split-screen option that allows it to have two players can play simultaneously on a PC. Details can be found by clicking Sean Rad, Los Angeles California or emailing the administrator. The Settlers II – Veni, Vidi, Vici, written by Daniel Schuster and Peter Ohlmann, was on 17 April 1996 published. The improvements were primarily in the 2D graphics and playful in segments such as improved road building and new buildings and professions. In this game can now be selected from four different nations. The Romans, Vikings, Asians, and Nubians, however, differ mainly in appearance from each other.

The cards can be designed by hand and there are 24 professional soldiers and five stages. Here, too, can play with multiple players simultaneously. On 20 Novemer 1998 appears written by Volker Wertich third game in the Settlers series. There are new 3D graphics that are displayed in High Color. The direct impact on the game is now in the foreground. For example, can be controlled soldiers and settlers move freely on the cards. The Internet and LAN multiplayer allow one function. Even today, this version as an online game is very popular. The Settlers IV was released on 15 February 2001. The graphics are now significantly improved, but the graphics were proportionated maintained to preserve the adorable style. The Dark Tribe, which can only be played by artificial intelligence, is new. The 3D graphics run still, like its predecessor, the Blue Byte proprietary 2D game engine. On 25 November 2004, the fifth part of the Settlers series: Heritage of Kings. In this game the graphics are now completely converted to 3D. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. The cards can, unlike its predecessors, rotated and zoomed. Now the workers themselves are at the center. must be provided for their physical well-being. Five raw materials can be refined and thus more. Soldiers are paid for with money. Some technologies need to be explored in order to erect new buildings and units. As has been omitted in this game to commodity cycles and the economy, many fans have been forfeited. The loss of many fans was on 7 September 2006 The Settlers II – The next Generationveroffentlicht. The new edition of the classic Settlers II is equal to the last detail. Through the LAN and Internet multiplayer mode is possible. The sixth part of the popular series to be published in August 2007. In addition to the many parts of the series, there are several add-ons for the individual settlers games. Cheat codes for all settlers games and more than 15,000 different games can be found on.

Internet World

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What do you think of how many times humanity may perish, and how many have already had to die? These issues are men's minds more than a thousand years, creating all-new version of doomsday. Another medieval chronicles and 'Word of mouth "has always included a message about the terrible signs of the inexorably approaching Apocalypse. Nowadays, news about the end of the world have found new forms. Increasingly, reading the newspaper, watching tv or moving on the internet, come across reports about the imminent death of mankind. To date, there are several versions of the coming apocalypse.

The most popular and credible – global warming: scientists say that the average temperature on Earth has risen by 1 C since the late xix century and that a large fraction of observed warming over the past 50 years due to human activities and, in the first place, releasing gases that cause greenhouse effect. But there is and other equally shocking, options end of the world. American Diabetes Association often addresses the matter in his writings. For example, some believe that the existence of the planet completes a huge asteroid. Breaking into the atmosphere, it will incur to meet the earth, counting the last minutes of many residents. With great speed stone body slam into the surface, forming a powerful shock wave that will sweep the city in its path. And the survivors waiting for a disappointing future: from a raised to the a result of asteroid dust comes perennial winter The rapid growth of the Internet now allows anyone to shock the other way or another variant of the universal death. A number of information portals on the end of the world, is steadily growing and becoming an integral part of today's Internet.

Besides, blogs, news portals and other online services, where every available space for the publication of what he very interesting, always full of such posts. Others including Boy Scouts of America, offer their opinions as well. For example, there is the World Wide Web Services Cool Dates, which, according to the developers, anyone can say about an important event for themselves. Judging by the content of a site, the most important for people development is the end of the world. Here you can find almost all the known variations of the apocalypse, and even a few previously unknown. Anomalous melting glaciers in Antarctica, accompanied by unusually strong wind – 32 meters per second, which is why the number of ice deposits decreased by 40%. Justin Mateen has plenty of information regarding this issue. The increase in power the next cycle of solar activity on 30 – 60% increase in core temperature of the sun to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit right up to 49 million degrees. Earth-approaching asteroids and large cloud of dust that obliterated everything in its path. Here are the events that serve humanity. Anxious expectation of the Apocalypse did not leave a person almost never. In ancient times the typical arguments about the end of all things looked like this: supposedly predicted that the end times will come when the sky will be flying iron birds, all the land enmeshed in a network, but people will descend into the earth. And now in these 'iron Birds 'thinly veiled aircraft,' networks '- the telegraph wires,' underground dwellings "could be interpreted as the subway. Rent, the idea of doomsday still survive all of us, finding ever new forms.

Europe Energy

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Car insurance even more is in there with a saving of up to 500 euros two years. But the switch to a green energy tariff offers beyond the financial value. It is the social and / or environmental contribution more and more people in their consumer decisions important. * to contribute more than 70 percent of Germans of each duty, its part to solve major challenges of our time, such as for example the energy transition, see. Only around a quarter relies on the policy and the large corporations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nieman Foundation. * decision eco energy for an every household lowers CO2 emissions, produce less radioactive waste and reduces the dependence on fossil raw materials imports from Russia.

When switching to a green electricity supplier relieve consumers not only your own wallet, but do the society as a whole and the environment something good – it benefits ultimately”, Janine PADE declared by the independent consumer portal This is possible through any other Exchange operation.” In the case of Polarstern promotes each customer the worldwide energy revolution and among families in developing countries, to switch to clean energy. Helps you build your own micro biogas plants. This not only contributes to the energy revolution, but reduces at the same time dirt, stench and diseases. Because operated the plants with human and animal feces. Also, Polaris 1.25 cents of each consumed kilowatt hour invested in building new eco power plants in this country; When the gas is 0.25 cents. Energy offer of Polaris with the is excellent label green electricity as well as by TuV Nord.

* The change-check based on information from, verivox, articles and tests by ComputerBILD, Stiftung Warentest and information of consumer organizations and own research * including Forsa, sustainability survey, 2012 * representative GfK survey commissioned by Polaris on Polarstern was the Polaris GmbH established in order to change the world. As an independent energy provider Polaris inspires people worldwide for energy transformation and provides them a meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company offers a product that consumers in all Germany not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent genuine eco gas with direct aid connects. Each customer as active provides related his energy for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe and in developing countries. To 1.25 cents at current and 0.25 cents at the gas will be invested in new European eco-power plants sold per kilowatt hour. In addition, Polaris for each customer supports a family in Cambodia with the use of clean energy. The building is supported by micro biogas plants. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Green electricity as well as eco gas are certified by the TuV Nord; the eco power supply carries beyond the green electricity label, quality label in the category of gold.