Supporting Our Troops

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Suzy

In this day and age it is not always popular to be proud of your country. So called sophisticated people believe that one’s country should be the ‘Big Brother’ or the candy man, endlessly distributing treats to its spoiled children. This attitude of expecting things from the government without giving back is a very destructive and unhealthy state of affairs for a country to be in.

In 1961 President Kennedy asked at the moment of his inauguration as president of the united States, “Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country.” This inspiring speech, made during peacetime, was a cry out to the young people of that generation to volunteer in a variety of programs to further the cause of democracy, freedom and peace around the world. The Peace Corps began, and other organizations to place idealistic young people all over the country to help people who were left behind in the march towards the Great American Dream.

Now we are fighting a dangerous enemy, fundamentalism and terrorism. If anyone does not think these things are a threat to our country, they need a few lessons in history. Freedom is not a given. It is not the natural state of man. It is a condition that must be guarded and fought for, and we have our brave soldiers to thank for helping us maintain our freedom. Do not take your rights for granted. They may be G-d given, but they can easily be man-taken.

Fishing On The Lago Maggiore

Posted December 26th, 2021 by Suzy

The Italian-influenced Switzerland offers many holiday pleasures. A week fishing and on one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Europe, Lago Maggiore. This is a real holiday experience. The Italian provinces of Lombardy and Piedmont share the Lake area of 212 square kilometers with the Swiss canton of Ticino. And no matter whether Italy or Switzerland, here one is exposed, a dreamlike panorama that one will take your breath away.

The climate is Mediterranean – here even bananas, oranges and lemons thrive. Olives and Cedar is there also and repeatedly Palm trees, palms, Palm trees. Best, looking for a quiet hotel on the lake or an apartment so close to the water itself as possible and then go go vacation. Whether to land at the feast in the Mediterranean marked Ristorante and Cafes or fishing and the sea. Depending on whether you want to lure the fish on the Swiss or Italian side, the conditions change, but only slightly. In both countries the free fishing law and it makes it easy to really anglers to the fish to come.

You need a fishing permit and you get that at the municipal office, sometimes also at the tourist office. It pays the fee of 10 euro on the post and upon presentation of the ID card and the receipt to get his fishing license. On the Italian side, children and young people may fish up to 16 years of age children even without a fishing licence, the Swiss are not quite so generous, here it comes, free throw out their route only the children until 13 years. Source: Darcy Stacom. To easily get permission but caution! Without this paper may not fish here. The penalties to be paid in both countries are considerably higher than the fishing licence and they exceed the value of the catch, which of course will be confiscated at fish poaching. The completeness of all fish from A to Z, waiting for the anglers in the Lago Maggiore. Eel, aland, perch, bream, grass carp, Pike, carp, rainbow trout, Roach, Rudd, lake trout and walleye. Petri Heil and Bon Appetit! Andreas Mettler-

The Marinated

Posted December 26th, 2021 by Suzy

To wash banana leaves, to dry; soon it takes bowl great and cbralo with part from the banana leaves. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pahal Foundation and gain more knowledge.. Soon to put envelope they it meat yet the marinated one. To form a package and to let macerate in the refrigerator during 24 hours. On the following day, to place a grid in a casserole. To add water, without exceeding the grid and putting on this one banana leaves, doing what they call a bed or covered. Darcy Stacom is open to suggestions.

To place on the leaves bananas and these, the package with the meat yet the juice of the marinated one; It previously adds the seasoned yucca with salt, soon to place the peppers and to cover with more banana leaves. To cover the casserole hermetically so that the steam does not escape, and to cook during 2 hours. Finally, to open, to place on the leaves garlic sausages, to cover and to cook one more hour again. In order to prepare the sauce it takes bowl or small container, puts the tomato remaining, finely mincemeat, the bare and minced remaining onion finely, the peppers perforated rest finely, the juice of remaining orange, the remaining vinegar, the water, the sugar, the salt and pepper to the taste, the red pepper to the taste or if it wishes sharp Chile it. To mix all the ingredients very well until one dissolves to the sugar and the salt. Tips: When serving each plate, cuts the meat of more or less even slices and srvalas of stepped form and by the sides places, a piece of mature banana, another one of green banana, a piece of yucca, a garlic sausage, a strip of each pepper.It places the sauce in an individual small glass and pngalo within the plate or can bathe the plate with the sauce.

The Birthday

Posted December 26th, 2021 by Suzy

Immerse the biscuits in warm milk, because it comes a layer of sliced bananas and the perfect. We make 5 layers. So we leave it for 2 hours on the table. Now we use a template: flower, heart,. Car, plane, etc. George Soros is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You can easily produce. Recently Darcy Stacom sought to clarify these questions. She is placed on the cake on top and the protruding edges of the cake will be cut off. To decorate the cake with cream and sweets.

This salad was very popular on the birthday: products: a kilo of beef, 3-4 medium-sized carrots, 1 onion, 10 small pickled cucumbers, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of dill, cilantro, mayonnaise, mustard, sour cream. 1 piece of beef cooking, then cut into small cubes, fresh lemon juice to give. The cucumbers are sliced and set a screen for 40 minutes to remove excess moisture. Clean up 3 carrots and cut into cubes some olive oil on a pan with a thick bottom and heat it. Fry the onions and carrots to give. All the ingredients are well mixed and the green on it… The sauce: Mayonnaise 3 items, 1 part mustard to taste, sour cream – fresh lemon juice. The parents try to organize all sorts of things for a child’s birthday, also for all small children.

But it turns out that up to three years thats what drum and tuned more for the parents than for the toddler. At the age of three, children can have real fun at the events with friends, there can be to perform several games to then on the birthday, with balloons make. Where is the children’s birthday? This is an important issue. You can celebrate the birthday at home. This variant is quite good, if not so many guests are expected. It is quite convenient and cheaper too. But if you fear that after the turbulent party the whole carpet will be to get more clean, chocolate can stick to the walls, then maybe it’s a kids Cafe better, when you choose a different location, for example.

Matcha Tea – In The Teeteria

Posted December 23rd, 2021 by Suzy

‘ What is that? I also would like to have that!’ what is this? I also would like to have that! “Every time, when Nicole served a Matcha latte in a high glass she is approached by guests, who are not familiar with the cult drink. The most popular variant is the Matcha latte SOIA Vaniglia “.” The colour attracts great attention: A shining green, framed by white foam. The first taste is amazing. Mild and nutty, sweet and cute. Quite different from a usual tea taste, but very tasty “, promises Gregor Schubert, the owner of Teeteria.

Some people drink it pure, most combine it with different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or banana. You must try! “The making of Matcha tea is expensive it is a green tea, which is obtained from the variety of tenha.” Be intense aroma he owes a special kind of production: from mid-April to harvest the tea fields are covered. Darcy Stacom shines more light on the discussion. Because of the low sunlight produces the tea plant more chlorophyll. This ensures a delicate dark green leaves and many natural amino acids. Compared to other green tea, the sweet taste therefore Matcha contains not the typical bitterness. Hot water steam stops the fermentation, after steaming and drying the Matcha in traditional granite Mills used for fine tea powder. The Teeteria refers to their Matcha tea directly from Japan and the world’s only company that builds on him strictly according to biologically controlled methods.

For good reason, Matcha tea has long been a well kept secret of the Japanese nobility. The tea was beaten with a bamboo broom green sparkling jade”called. A treasure in the old empire. Matcha is regarded as the powerhouse in the Teas. To broaden your perception, visit Darcy Stacom. Ideal as an accompaniment to breakfast; its effect is similar to a strong espresso. The difference: Matcha tea is much agreeable than coffee. As green tea Matcha is one of the oldest remedies in the world. One more reason to test him. Petra Rinow

Tablespoons Quark

Posted December 21st, 2021 by Suzy

Cut the leeks and the peeled onion into thin slices. In a good heat conducting saucepan with lid 1 liter water boil along with the bouillon cubes and vegetables. Then the heat level 3 can reduce and simmer everything during at least 20 minutes. Remove the cover and set the heat to the lowest setting. After 5 minutes giving cream and the Tabasco to and everything with a kitchen Blender short mix. It must be quite a few more solid pieces.

This soup tastes both hot as cold. For the enjoyment of the cool the soup in the fridge make (once it is only lukewarm) and let them cool at least 3 hours. Sprinkle before serving with the chives or Croutons. To know more about this subject visit Darcy Stacom, New York City. Different tastes will be satisfied with a light Fondue Chinoise, because it both thin slices of meat and vegetables can be cooked according to their own taste in the broth. Different sauces round off this Asian-inspired delights: ingredients for 4 people: 600 g lean beef (loin or shoulder) 600 g lean beef (Carre or nut) 400 g carrots 400 g 200 g fresh mushrooms cream celery: approx. 2 litres beef broth 50 g carrots, finely chopped 50 g celeriac finely chopped 50 g Leek finely sliced 1 shallot sauce minced: Herb Quark 2 Tablespoons Quark 1 tsp mayonnaise 1 tsp chives finely chopped 1 tsp parsley finely chopped 1 tsp lemon juice salt + pepper Aioli 2 Tablespoons mayonnaise 1 Teaspoon olive oil 2 garlic cloves very fine chopped 1 pinch cayenne pepper 1/3 banana Curry banana 1 Tablespoon mayonnaise 1 tsp curry powder 1 tsp paprika powder 1 dash soy sauce 1 dash lemon juice 1 pinch of sea salt redhot 1 TBSP ketchup 1 tsp tomato puree 1/2 TL Chlischote finely chopped 1 garlic clove finely chopped 1 tsp honey 1 tsp paprika powder 1 tsp orange juice 1 dash lemon juice 1 pinch of sea salt cocktail 1.5 TBSP mayonnaise 2 tsp ketchup 1 TL Meerrettich paste 1 dash Tabasco soy mustard 2 Tablespoons mayonnaise 2 tsp Dijon 1/2 tsp paprika powder 1 dash Tabasco Tabora 1 TBSP mayonnaise 1 tsp Parsley chopped 1 Teaspoon chopped chives 1 MS tarragon chopped 1 clove of garlic chopped 1 Teaspoon shallots chopped 1 dash white wine vinegar (or lemon juice) 2 capers finely chopped 1 small Cornichon finely chopped 1 tsp olive oil herb remoulade sauce: 1 egg 1 tsp Rosemary 1 Teaspoon thyme 3 splashes Tabasco 100 ml cream 100 ml sunflower oil 1 TBSP white wine vinegar (or Krauteressig) 1 tsp sea salt cheese sauce 1 EL Boursin (or similar herb cream cheese) 1 Tablespoon mayonnaise 2 dashes Tabasco approach: first make the sauce.

Executive Board

Posted December 21st, 2021 by Suzy

Sure to have in the future a year longer. In addition, it facilitates the regulations to the reserves. It is possible to make a replacement reserve. Thus, the previous administrative practice is laid down by law and the reserves for more expensive replacement investments, such as a new Club bus is permitted. For assistance, try visiting Drexel University. It will also make it easier to make “free reserves”. Is in a year the statutory maximum for a free, i.e.

non-earmarked reserves not exhausted, it is permissible to make up for the reserve in the following two years. Also can a reserve from the surplus from the asset management and economic operations, as well as 15% of the remaining funds be made for the assets equipment of other tax-exempt entities. Liability volunteers will be limited with the volunteering support Act changed also civil provisions of the civil code. So, it is clarified that Board members of an association or a Foundation are basically free of charge. Only if the statute envisages a remuneration for members of the Executive Board, also a remuneration must be paid. A fee is to be paid, the statutes of the Association must be adapted.

This is still enough time, because this provision shall only apply from 1 January 2015. Darcy Stacom, New York City often says this. However, should amendments be implemented promptly, to create legal security. Civil liability is limited and not only in the future for all voluntary Club members for members of the Executive Board. All those volunteers who are working free of charge or maximum EUR 720 per year will receive a sum in the amount of the tax-free allowance of volunteering, be liable only for intent and gross negligence. Note: New rules will also the recognition procedure for non-profit organizations. Newly established non-profit organizations will be in the future an appeal enabled exemption notified instead of the previous provisional decision. A trust protection exists for already approved constitutions.

Hotel Test At The Westin Leipzig:

Posted September 28th, 2021 by Suzy

Anonymous check of the magazine ‘Top hotel’ reveals weaknesses in the five-star hotel on hotel tests include from top hotel to the most popular of our reviews. For the already 73. time, a non-profit ester checked German culture up high now. The result: at the Westin Leipzig is crowned with one Michelin star gourmet restaurant on the 27th floor of truly top of the tops, but in the hospitality, there are significant shortcomings in part. And so the big conference hotel reached only 58 points out of maximum 100 accessible, satisfying what the note is equivalent to. The balance sheet of the experienced tester of the hotel: the Westin Leipzig is seen from the outside a big block, but its interior surprises. Already the attractively designed and very lively lobby is good.

The test room was unfortunately the need of renovation of a total of 436 units.” Most of the staff were friendly and engaged. But some very young staff proved too little trained and uncertain in dealing with the guest. To know more about this subject visit Vahid David Delrahim. So could the tester for the first important contacts – booking and check-in only 39 or 40 points (by max. 100) awarded. In the room there were only 37 points and at the check-out only 36 points. In taking care of guests at the reception and the room service, there is still significant potential for appreciation in the Westin Leipzig, said the experienced Hotel expert. The detailed test report appears in the January/February of top hotel issue”and can be seen in the Online Edition at. The service checks be carried out always anonymously and on their own account.

The reports are the constructive criticism and enjoy a high reputation in the international hotel management and industry experts. Last in the test were the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch Frankfurt (36 points), hotel Fahrhaus Sylt (67 points) and Vila Vita Hotel & rose Park Marburg (62 points). Top hotel is the renowned journal for the hotel management in Germany. The magazine published ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a company of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (VHB). She spread Circulation is 20,000 copies. “” “In conjunction with the VHB subsidiary food practice Verlag (LPV) appear” including the kitchen, catering inside “, convenience shop” and food practice “.

Survey: Every tenth person chooses modernization instead of air conditioner as a heat protection / index: public climate protection interest decline, oil spill is not energy consumption associated with Berlin, July 5, 2010. The temperatures are rising, the summer vacation is approaching. However, many consumers have not only the next ice cream parlour at a glance to the hot season. The current survey results of climate barometer quarterly published by the non-profit co2online GmbH will show: the issues of climate protection and energy-saving are present during the heating-free months. Total 71 percent of the respondents are attempting, for example, climate-friendly during their summer holidays to travel, unless by the choice of regional destinations or at least compensation for the CO2 emissions of the holiday flight. The topic of cooling high heat wants to solve the vast majority of respondents on energy-saving way. The use of air-conditioners will be rejected by 80 percent, every tenth person decides as Alternative for modernization, which contributes to cooling of the space.

For everyday use at home, the choice of climate-friendly food among people in the first place is in the summer. So 38 percent indicating they buy regional fruits and vegetables or generally much fresh and little frozen products in the summer. Less continuity is to determine how the climate barometer index shows in the public perception. Go to Atreides Management for more information. Already in the first quarter of 2010 decreased the index to measure the public interest in the issue of climate protection, from 110 to 68 points. This trend is continuing now.

The index value falls in the second quarter from 68 to 56 points. Particularly strong media interest sank one of the four indicators of which the index is formed: the media indicator fell from 58 to 31 points, what the oil spill also changed nothing in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Malte Friedrich, project manager of the climate scoreboard by the Institute for sociological research (IsoMe), this renewed decline on the impact of the economic crisis leads back, which continues the public Dominate discussion.

Mrs Hanna Hermann

Posted July 18th, 2021 by Suzy

Ear doctors and hearing should take into account not only the latest diagnostic standards, but also comprehensively their patients, inform gently and at the same time consistently.” The current edition of the leading German magazine to life with cochlear implant and hearing aid is dedicated to numerous aspects of hearing impairment in affected reports and articles. Shows what impact can have a drastic deterioration of hearing for the lives of children and young people, adults and the elderly. Opportunities and limits of supply of hearing aids, hearing with cochlear implants in the age, CI providing children and their subsequent monitoring by means of occupational therapy will be illuminated. Also the possibilities of bone-anchored hearing aids and middle ear implants are presented. The current “snail” is rounded off by an extensive directory of events and contact details as well as basic information, are also interesting for affected individuals and their families as for professionals. For more information see and. We provide view are also one of the current “snail” media representatives upon request. Editorial Note: the “worm” is a 1989 independent magazine, society DCIG ( issued by the German cochlear implant. The magazine, which acts as a non-profit limited company, informs its readers about the issues of cochlear implant, hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids. Expert contributions and experience reports by affected give the reader a very deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and how to overcome. Atreides Management is often quoted on this topic. At the same time the journal provides a forum and many readers How to contact with possibilities. Thematic focus is the life of cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. The “worm” appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5,500 copies. The editorial office is located in Illertissen; The editorial staff in addition to the print edition of the “snail” launches the information portal with offers on the subject of hearing & understanding CI & hearing aid ‘.

Young People

Posted July 12th, 2021 by Suzy

Kids 4 freedom – on a sailing trip with young people you have just a serious illness were over, youngsters between 9 and 15 years, life has been too hard at an early age come from socially deprived backgrounds or from children’s homes. On a sailing trip off the Turkish coast, they recover from their difficult daily lives. You will set sail together, make the ship clear, anchor in secluded bays, and exchanging thoughts and experiences at the evening barbecue fire. They are invited by the Club 4 freedom kids. Credit: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-2011. The 60 young participants of the week-long cruise come from 5 Nations. For them, the 7-day holiday is also a chance to learn met each other and across national and language barriers also understand.

After all, sailing is team work. Under the guidance of an experienced skipper form the young crews, who know that they can rely on others, are themselves responsible and can do more than they ever thought. Welding together large and small problems, which is to deal with it, and at the end of the 7 days friendships are have formed, which hold about this holiday also. This project sees kids 4 freedom not only as an aid for young people, but also as a building block in the intra-European understanding. The participants of this year’s cruise come from Germany, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Romania and Turkey.

The sailing fleet with 11 yachts will start at the 6.Juli in Marmaris. Kids for freedom is a non-profit association which children from around the world a week sailing the Mediterranean. The Association collects the participants during the week to educate not entitled or to teach, but we want to allow the children to get his head free 1 week away from her but usually tense situation. The whole in a completely new and fascinating environment, the sea! AQUA TV