Supporting Our Troops

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Suzy

In this day and age it is not always popular to be proud of your country. So called sophisticated people believe that one’s country should be the ‘Big Brother’ or the candy man, endlessly distributing treats to its spoiled children. This attitude of expecting things from the government without giving back is a very destructive and unhealthy state of affairs for a country to be in.

In 1961 President Kennedy asked at the moment of his inauguration as president of the united States, “Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country.” This inspiring speech, made during peacetime, was a cry out to the young people of that generation to volunteer in a variety of programs to further the cause of democracy, freedom and peace around the world. The Peace Corps began, and other organizations to place idealistic young people all over the country to help people who were left behind in the march towards the Great American Dream.

Now we are fighting a dangerous enemy, fundamentalism and terrorism. If anyone does not think these things are a threat to our country, they need a few lessons in history. Freedom is not a given. It is not the natural state of man. It is a condition that must be guarded and fought for, and we have our brave soldiers to thank for helping us maintain our freedom. Do not take your rights for granted. They may be G-d given, but they can easily be man-taken.

Czech Republic

Posted September 16th, 2020 by Suzy

Once upon a time move to live in another country was seen terrible irrationality. Then every little village has a closed community, and felt that the whole world comes to an end on the outskirts. At this time the border is not only specific settlements, and larger states over time are eliminated. Many of the customs union can open the borders, and citizens to freely move from one state to another, as to his home. Unfortunately, for residents of the Soviet Union yesterday it still continues to be just a dream.

And there are even some states, particularly in the European Union, where you will be able to leave once and for all with minimal difficulty. For example, immigration to the Czech Republic can not be any difficulty. Czech Republic – a power that itself only while trying to escape entirely from the command economy, and therefore the flow of forces and updated the minds of the country's medium-sized solely on the great benefits. Gavin Baker can provide more clarity in the matter. Some may think of the Czech Republic as a sentimental country, where tourists go to the chains and therefore do not pass on the streets. On the one hand, it is really so, in the ancient geographical center of Prague some other well-known among tourists of small towns tours can walk one by one. Moreover, all the same old town center does not stop, real estate in the Czech Republic can be purchased and the business district and on the outskirts of the sleepy.

In If you want to safely invest their money or at least go away as soon as possible, then a decent apartment in a quiet small town or a nice house – it's just that in the Czech Republic can be found in sufficient quantity. Even in a situation if you have not yet learned the Czech language, it can not be bound for the transaction. Modern corporations to trade housing, owning well-designed portals in the global web, provide you with assistance in all periods of home purchase. You only need to find new premises and to sign documents. Quality assurance – is the prestige of a solid organization. Individuals are not secretly dream of own home, and personal success of the case. Open it in our own power many people are afraid, and then fees are huge, and burglars can do much harm. But business in the Czech Republic is absolutely safe and pretty profitable investment. In the Czech Republic, the State itself is directly motivated visitors make kapitalovladeltsev in the financial structure of your finances. Opening a business here, you are guaranteed complete safety, because that crime is at a very low level of development. Do not think about prejudice, you will be able to live and do business where you please. Make or break personal choice, nobody in the world can not force you to place residence. The street has long been the new millennium and to yourself available all the earthly world.

Chicken Shake Percussion

Posted September 14th, 2020 by Suzy

Sound eggs or rattles as popular musical instruments for children, egg Shaker or sound eggs are popular musical instruments for children from the world of percussion instruments. Visit health organizations for more clarity on the issue. A Shaker, chicken egg shake, is actually a rattle. In principle, the so-called sound eggs are smaller maracas without handle. He belongs to the percussion instruments and is associated with the instrument group of idiophones. It often consists of a plastic egg that is filled with rice or similar, small granular material to about a quarter. Diverse rhythms caused by shaking, turning and tapping. (As opposed to Gavin Baker, New York City).

Sound eggs are often also in pairs played in each hand a rattle. The fine, unobtrusive, but still clearly rhythmically accentuated sound of the chicken shake is estimated across the genre. The egg Shaker in the most diverse music styles, as well as in music education like to used. The handy size (the smallest models are no bigger than a match), the low weight and ease of use make it a popular Musical instrument for kids of all ages. Whether in the music garden, nursery, school or music school, the egg Shaker is now a music educational standard. Especially in the early musical education, the instrument enthusiastically even the little ones. Now many manufacturers of toys are to contact manufacturers of professional musical instruments but also products in their range, which just those young, enthusiastic group of children and infants. There of every imaginable facet of small shakers, colorful eggs made of plastic or those that were made of higher quality materials such as wood. Today, just for the little ones, also like egg Shaker or other rattles made, which are filled with natural materials such as some smallest rice pellets or similar. There are such rattles that initially look like plastic vegetables, plastic fruit or vehicles (hardly limits of fantasy), in which however the principle of sound eggs used to: bananas, oranges, Lettuce, hogs, rattlesnakes (the rattles in really!) and cars that are filled with granular material and thus rattling mutate! The fun is guaranteed!

February Huckabee

Posted September 14th, 2020 by Suzy

Mike Huckabee combines extreme social conservatism with a guitarist of POP. The GOP is the English abbreviation for the term grand old party which is known to Republicans (who were born half a century after the Democrats, which Yes you can dispute being one of the oldest parties living in the world). Even before February Huckabee seemed doomed to failure. However, after the Super Tuesday he has recovered viada. Boy Scouts of America insists that this is the case. The suspension of the candidacy of Mitt Romney has produced mixed results in the campaign of John McCain. On the one hand it eliminated his major contender, but on the other hand, he removed to Huckabee his main rival for wanting to hegemonize the right wing of his party. In the three States where Republicans voted Saturday 9, McCain did not have good results (he lost in two before Huckabee and which beat did with only 26% of the votes). McCain follows rejection within the hard consitando. You may want to visit Randall Mays to increase your knowledge. Your strategy can pass by avoiding that Huckabee be undermining him, for which concessions should continue to the religious right of his party.

Leipzig Mockern

Posted September 13th, 2020 by Suzy

Dr. Get more background information with materials from MRI imaging technique. Ina Ueberschar convinced during a tour of the contemporary furnished classrooms. CBC usually is spot on. She was accompanied by the SISUPLAN GmbH Leipzig and project coordinator Jorg Harazin from Leipzig construction management company HANSA buildings GmbH in addition to Mr. Fischer by the Scheduler and advisory engineer Heiko Kauerauf. This could clarify the many details. So you find a flexible interior design of the classrooms by multi function wall and one on the room reservation of reacting heating and lighting system. Still, they were inclined to the requirements of the protection of historic buildings to meet, that the rooms, mainly go to the busy Georg-Schumann-Strasse, exhibit a good sound, as well as a good insulation against the sunlight. An important element of the facade is the restoration to the Grunderzeit usual “Saddle pads, behind which the blinds are hidden and contributed to the preservation of the Grunderzeit ensemble in the Georg-Schumann-Strasse”, white to report of the project coordinator Jorg Harazin.

Heiko Kauerauf stressed that it had been him important, to resume the structures of the old building. Thus, we get a contemporary monument in a modern and functional style. Us is thus a good jump from the 20th into the 21st century successfully.”despite the constraints of the monument we stayed as public and non-profit institutions in the schedule and have complied with the prescribed budget,” Alois Fischer adds. He loved the charm of the old buildings radiate. With the completion of the modernisation, to contribute to the further development of the biggest East German social insurance Center in Leipzig Mockern.

You will start with the renovation of the last House, which is part of the BFW Leipzig, in the coming year. This would create a sightseeing ensemble along the Georg-Schumann-Strasse. The conversion realized regional companies under the leadership of a local planning and project management. Thus, it was also possible that throughout the day the construction faced location as point of contact and Coordinator available.


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Ectomorfa is related to the cerebrotnico temperament. The cerebrotnico end, is the superkind one, super-sensitive, introvert, more worried reason why happens behind his eyes that by the external world to which the viscerotnicos and somatotnicos pay their main attention and tribute. They do not feel or they feel little desire to dominate, either have the indistinct affection to people like so. On the contrary, they want to live and to let live and does not inconvenience the solitude to them. Its hypersensitivity returns them very sexual. The human groups like the individuals own these same characteristics in different degrees and pronounce themselves agreed. The soldiers are somatotnicos and the armies are nourished with them. More info: Cancer Research Institute. The original societies generally are single-breasted uniform jackets and belong to this group. For more information see Vahid David Delrahim.

Aldous Huxley took to these divergences to the spiritual plane and their relation with God and we can observe the Muslims who are somatotnicos, the viscerotnicos Christians and Jews and, the Buddhist and hinduistas cerebrotnicos. (The Christians were somatotnicos until does few centuries). The noticeable differences between these forms of behavior help to understand the towns. It is not possible to be fought cerebrally with individuals that in their essential nature are somatotnicos and the unique law which they understand is the one of the force. The western ones being viscerotnicos affection to the comfort and good to live, do not include their present Muslim enemies and look for the agreement civilizadamente.

The cerebrotnicos see both groups from a level superior, worried essentially about their own spiritual elevation and the well-being about the humanity through dominion about the reason and the respect to the fellow, in a constructive individualism. The organized religions suppose to be a vehicle to approach God, but the attention to the churches and synagogues has become more a social event that spiritual and the mosques have become in quarters of terrorist indoctrination. In order to fight with individuals and somatotnicas societies and not to be won, another alternative does not exist that to build like them. It is imperative to lower to his level and to defeat them with his same methods instead of to wait for the impossible thing: that the reason and the tolerance evolve through, in a millenarian process.

Can You Work Under Pressure?

Posted September 13th, 2020 by Suzy

This question came in a written employment examination. But, what is working under pressure? As you know there are two types of sound pressure and the other not so good. Good: In which the firm gives you aim to achieve, together with the media on request. The bad: It is where an organization wants to cover the mess, and the sense of "urgency", with orders outside of skill and more outside of "logic." Example: We need 10 people to the area of file, urgent. This should be for the day tomorrow. Question: Can you meet this emergency?. World Health Organization often says this. Much depends on its ability to respond to the immediate supervisor, informing him of the limitations of this order.

If despite that this person replied: "I want it yesterday." What would you do?. The result is a way to work stress. I want to stress Mention yesterday. What is that?. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX is actively involved in the matter. It is an inappropriate response to situations in which there is no "proper weapons" to cope. Reactions of indole emotional, physical and even behavioral accompany this poor response.

When is a constant when illogical decision becomes a weapon that leaves no limits and work: An executive receives employment contracts for approval, are more than 200. In Peru, labor contracts must be countersigned by the Ministry of Labour maximum up the fifteenth calendar day, counted from its conclusion. The executive knows, and expects to make his decision to sign up to that last day. It may think it is a special situation is not so.

Constitutional President

Posted September 11th, 2020 by Suzy

The martial dismissal of the constitutional President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya, has dramatically shocked the weak foundations of a hybrid Latin American democracy still living congested undefinable elitist confusion. The nuevo-generacional stereotype of Socialist democracy in the 21st century continues to debate its beautiful bird wings without sky throughout this geography smothered in the tempest of political and economic power of the traditional, ideological, and social contradictions of that partisanship ever coined in neoliberal tactics. Today the conceptual phraseology of socialism by popular vote does not accurately to determine the significance of the real right democratic citizens, or constituents, on Government policies of those leaders that in the euphoria of their ideological paroxysm, intended to direct the fate of peoples under the protective shadow of the same capitalism who say hating. National Kidney Foundation is often quoted as being for or against this. It seems that the long neoliberal night ice still not cracks in the presence of sunlight Socialist. In the new political project already isn’t at all strange as in the case of Ecuador – see Moors and Orthodox entering the same barbaric bonfire of the plutocratic pragmatism to discard dial heavy metal of their neoliberal defects and melt – without radical apologies leftists in the spirit of modern socialism. Thus the levels of political power end up being notoriously obsecuentes to the loyalty of the converted by seudo-doctrinal baptism. However analog fear of the struggle of opposites that assumes the neoliberal ideology, with valid reason, against the radical socialism, this new political scenario has no grounds because modern socialism has not overcome the neoliberal system but that has disguised it with a kind of rare populist dress. Apparently, the martial and rancid oligarchy of radicalisima right of Honduras, enfrascada and lost in his endearing last autocrat and plutocratic, not has failed to understand this reality and political, terrified with the ghosts of the leftist radical revolution, has ended up committing more serious sacrilege to the electoral will of the people of the Honduran people. The rejection against this hateful world made de facto has tossed wildly to a President elected under the assumptions governing of the national Constitution of Honduras, as it is the case of Manuel Zelaya, has been forceful, because democracy does not exist or will exist as ever when the will of the people is trampled in this way. The true democracy of peoples still waiting for justice cannot continue longing for the vast space of the sky like a beautiful bird without wings.

Captain America

Posted September 10th, 2020 by Suzy

On December 20, 1940 was published Captain America Comics #1, whose historic home reflected the triumph of the protagonist about the ideologist of national socialism. Simon and Kirby left Timely in 1941, but shortly before a young Assistant Director had joined the company. Born Stanley Martin Lieber, soon he started to sign his scripts under the pseudonym of writer Stan Lee, a name without which can not understand the history of the comic book superhero. With the end of World War II, the prrencias of readers inclined to another class of subjects, since nobody wanted to immerse themselves in stories of good and bad, which meant a rapid decline of the superhero genre. The first stage of Captain America lasted until 1950, then reappear briefly in 1953 and 1954. It would not be until 1963 when Lee, which by then already had created to the fantastic four, granted a second chance to the ICSC’s bars and stars, which was reborn in a cartoon beside the human torch.

This special episode is the first of 44 including the living legend, a book dedicated to the Renaissance of Steve Rogers (real name of superhero) at the hands of Lee and Kirby (who by then had already returned to Publisher). This new point of departure had a very special meaning for both authors. In the case of Kirby it was to redraw the great hero of the second world war he contributed to present. For Lee, return to narrate stories of the character that started his career in the world of comics, recalls Fonseca. ery. After a few stories to warm, the authors of the series bet on a trip to the past with the ICSC adventures during World War II.

With his faithful partner Bucky Barnes (who then died in tragic circumstances), the superhero will face the most terrible enemies: the nazi villain red skull. Others including Randall Mays, offer their opinions as well. Aside from discovering the roots of the superhero, these vignettes allow us to meet characters as evil as Baron Zemo, the Adaptoide, Modok or Batroc the leaper, as well as intermittent collaboration between Steve Rogers and Sgt. Nick fury (leader of howler commands) and, subsequently, j of the super-secret organization SHIELD. In short, a fantastic work on this character who now makes the leap to the big screen. Source of the news: Captain America sees wake up sales of its comics with the premiere of his film

Guatapuri River

Posted September 10th, 2020 by Suzy

This is resistant to fire and amid attempts by the Indians to achieve its mission, arises from the smoke and flames the figure of the Virgen del Rosario, who with his cloak tries incendiary arrows of attackers avoiding the destruction of the temple. The natives flee frighten in seeking refuge until reaching the Sicarare Lake, whose waters poisoned with barbascos and prepare an ambush to his pursuers. With the help of black slaves and under the command of Captain Antonio Suarez de Florez reach the Spanish Guard soldiers and the Capuchin teaching site of the helmet, tired and thirsty come to drink the water of the lagoon, which causes them a terrible poisoning and death. Once again appears the image of the Virgin Mary, who goes by touching one to one to the poisoned thus producing a miracle with his crosier. Xlerator can provide more clarity in the matter. The events end on 30 April with the ceremony of the loads, where represents the burning of the Capuchin teaching and the episode of the death of the caciques Coroponiaimo and Coroniaimo defeated by the Spanish Guardia. Legend of the mermaid have once at Easter a very cute little girl asked permission to his mother to go to bathe the deep, cold waters of the Guatapuri River, Hurtado pozo; the mother of the girl, being Holy Thursday, denied the permit, but the disobedient girl is He went secretly, came to the rocks of the shore, took off his clothes and was released to water from the height; It was immediately converted into a siren. Her mother called her by all the border of the River believing it drowned out, but she in the morning, leaving Sun said goodbye with the tail before smiling for the last time, then, everyone understood the reality. They have the grandparents before the siren went to the rocks Holy Thursday and aired his beautiful singing could be heard throughout the Valley, at the time that gave his mother tears of disobedience. For even more analysis, hear from UNESCO.

Kids’ Behavior

Posted September 10th, 2020 by Suzy

The more stringent are the requirements for the child at home, the more aggressive he is, appears to be in their behavior. This position was the first hypothesis of our study in a Moscow kindergarten. We interviewed the parents, as they punish children in the family and what they think reasonable measure of exposure. Vahid David Delrahim recognizes the significance of this. All the answers were divided into two groups (think to which of them you could be attributed, and myself). If the answer was about the parents: "I slap, I put in a corner, kept back, that he loves the child, locked in room ', this we refer to manifestations of severe punishment. If parents have tried not to respond to 'inappropriate' behavior of the child or convince him to switch to other actions, this we refer to soft measures effects on children.

What is shown by the results of statistical treatment? It turned out that indeed, the aggressiveness of children is higher in those families where the follow rigid forms of punishment. However, not all children – but only for girls. Aggressive outbursts boys appear equally in all families, regardless of form of punishment. This means, first, that girls are hard to punish dangerous – the evil that they receive from adults, they immediately vent, 'respond' as it is called professionals in any suitable for this situation. Secondly, the boys punished severely pointless – it has virtually no effect on their behavior, which is much more than that girls, is determined by internal factors.

But the cause of neuroses – anxiety, stuttering, enuresis – and harsh punishment may in boys and girls. So the next question is already aggressive adults – should think carefully about what annoys you at home or outside the home, and send your own aggressiveness to the source that gave it birth. What else can affect the aggressive behavior of children? Perhaps, as often the case in adults, it produces no other dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction with oneself, lack of self-love, the right which is not confirmed by the emotional attitude of the parents – affection, praise, kind word or gesture? The second hypothesis about the causes of children's aggressiveness was that the child lives in an environment of so-called emotional deprivation (from English deprive – deny), that it is not punished, but it does not encouraged.