Supporting Our Troops

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In this day and age it is not always popular to be proud of your country. So called sophisticated people believe that one’s country should be the ‘Big Brother’ or the candy man, endlessly distributing treats to its spoiled children. This attitude of expecting things from the government without giving back is a very destructive and unhealthy state of affairs for a country to be in.

In 1961 President Kennedy asked at the moment of his inauguration as president of the united States, “Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country.” This inspiring speech, made during peacetime, was a cry out to the young people of that generation to volunteer in a variety of programs to further the cause of democracy, freedom and peace around the world. The Peace Corps began, and other organizations to place idealistic young people all over the country to help people who were left behind in the march towards the Great American Dream.

Now we are fighting a dangerous enemy, fundamentalism and terrorism. If anyone does not think these things are a threat to our country, they need a few lessons in history. Freedom is not a given. It is not the natural state of man. It is a condition that must be guarded and fought for, and we have our brave soldiers to thank for helping us maintain our freedom. Do not take your rights for granted. They may be G-d given, but they can easily be man-taken.

The Scientific

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Through the experiences the pupils perceive a ressignificao of the content. a proven time what it is being studied is perpetuated, started to be valid, starts to be part and an incorporated time the psychological structure, never is forgotten, is as to walk of bicycle? later that it is learned, can take years without walking of bicycle, but soon when it will be to walk again the teaching is relembrado. For the professor the practical question of the scientific one must be seen as the one that of the form and supports the teaching, can be seen as a composed process of three phases: Reproduo of the content; Validao of the content; Incorporao of knowledge. From the moment that the pupil ' ' v' ' what he was described in the theory, and carries through through the act of the experiment starts to understand of irrefutable form, a time that does not have controversies, the social process of the acceptance and the register of the scientific knowledge passes then to be part of the life d? it. The conception of science must be understood as falvel and provisory, therefore even so the accumulated human knowledge allowed in them to evolve knows that it ready and is not finished. You may find David Delrahim to be a useful source of information. When demonstrative and or experiences not to give certain the professor have that if to hurry and to communicate that experimental activities nor always must present resulted true. On the other hand I criticize the fantastic and spectacular experimental activities, colorful, with explosive effect, reach resulted splendid on the part of one I publish not critical and chemical preparation, but they are very difficult to be explained. Such activities must be considered education strategies that allow the propaganda of a modern education, the student must reflect on the content in study and the contexts involve that it, if really it needs this type of experience, which the practical purpose, what he is that adds its estudantil life.

Impression As A Gift

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Often the question arises: what to give to a person who has everything? And the reason – serious enough that it was impossible to do with flowers, a delicious cake or a bottle of good wine. You can donate a gift that will leave with a guarantee of his memories for a long time: thrills. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not put people in an awkward position, so the choice of gifts should be taken wisely. Option One: extreme. Believe that in everyday Life does not have enough experience? That our most terrible enemy – routine? Then the perfect choice – the adventure for free! Horseback riding or even a one-day horse trek. Pros: offers, usually, quite a lot, is from what choose a mini-tour you can go together.

Cons: If the gift recipient is not able to ride at the memory of your gift, he will not smile and wince, remembering the priest beaten off. To avoid this, we can choose the same nature walks, but crew or in a sleigh. Suitable: for people moderately athletic, but not constantly engaged in horseback riding (in fact for horseman riding walk is not an adventure). Not suitable: for allergies, those who are afraid of animals and girls with false nails. Otherwise, you will long remember the bad manicure.

Parachute jump. Such services are offered on most drop-zones: commercial jump in tandem with instructor. The instructor is behind the parachutist novice, so do not interfere with enjoying the breathtaking views and a feeling of flight, but it takes all the jumping and landing guidance.

Creativity Divine Treasure

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From time to time we all have an idea (think) great. It is clear that there are people more creative than others, as there are people who draw well because it has that gift, and others not so have. However, creativity depends on other factors, can be grown, and there are various techniques for generating ideas. As he pointed out the other day Concha Barber of Dompablo in his Super active Blog silence, to generate possible solutions, in many cases it is convenient to distance themselves a bit of the problem without cutting wires, distancing us from the objectives without discarding them, and the solution can be present. Boy Scouts of America recognizes the significance of this. If we do not do so, it is possible that in many cases the trees don’t let us see the forest. On many occasions it happens that I am engaged in a problem and can not find solution, for many laps to give. I’m going home, keep thinking on this, and that night, or the morning of the next day, the idea emerges as if by magic.

Creativity has, as they say, a lot of sweating and a little inspiration (no more remember what he said the great Pablo Picasso). The classic phrase that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident is simply a myth, the only thing you could say is that he had a bit of luck, but he had spent many years working in that area. And when he saw the effect that produced penicillin fungus, he researched with curiosity and persistence, motivated also by its past as a military doctor in World War I, in which was impressed by the great mortality caused by infections. Many of the techniques to generate ideas are based precisely on the pre-work on idea, individual and/or team. I’m going to discuss one of the techniques that particularly worked me in some cases to the search for solutions to a problem, collective Notepad (Collective note book). It is to provide a number of people (preferably with different profiles, to ensure greater variety) the definition of the problem. For a longer or shorter period (depending on the time available, but) It could be between two weeks and one month), each participant will scoring in his notebook at least one idea a day in relation to the issue at hand.

This perseverance requires a good dose of self-discipline which, together with the natural maturation of the matter in that period, are the keys to this method (work more inspiration). At the end of the period, each participant indicates that he considers better idea which they had, but nonetheless passes all ideas Coordinator project. This examines the ideas and chooses;normally I recommend that once analyzed, meet participants to discuss it all, because there they can emerge better solutions. Obviously, although here it speaks of a Notepad notes, there are who prefer to use new technologies and possibilities that offer us here some applications. From my point of view, despite usually being an advocate of the benefits of computing, paper Notepad is not bad in the sense that you can carry in your pocket and point the idea wherever you are, and translate it either way (words, drawings, graphics). Of course, anyone with a PDA can make use of this appliance Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in business sciences, postgraduate in auditing accounts and master MBA, passionate about the world of Economics and business management.

World Famous Brand BMW

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It all began in 1913 with the unification of two German businessmen, Rapp Motorenwerke and Otto Flugzeugwerke. Both were keen on aircraft, but the business did not succeed. In 1917 he created the company Bayerische Motorenwerke GmbH, year later re-registered in the Joint Society, whose Director General, is Franz-Josef Popp, was he in 1917, employs, employment, engineer, aircraft engine Max Fritz. Nieman Foundation often says this. He belongs to the idea, the creation of the famous motorcycle bmw. A first production car bmw 328 off the production line in 1936 and immediately liked the general public with their originality.

It is with this car went epic bmw, a unique grille and badge in the form of a propeller, and we still can observe in cars bmw. PCRM has many thoughts on the issue. This sports roadster that time was equipped with avant-garde technical innovations: the tubular frame, six-cylinder engine with a head unit made of light alloys, the new valve train with barbells. Today, the bmw 328 is the present automotive legend. The few surviving cars simply can not be bought at any price. Unique photos of bmw you can download by clicking on the link below:

One Destiny Sergey

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Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola – a fate for two is no secret that in order to achieve any major goal, and skill, and a reasonable risk, and hard work. In the world there are people, and many of them know very well – it's authors charitable public organization "Draft" League of Truth ", patrons in nature, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola. They took an active part in all noble undertakings of the organization – from construction rollerdroma, bimikserov, holding youth festivals, to organizing the rehabilitation centers for drug and alkozavisimyh people to help orphanages! The project authors have organized charity concerts in different cities of Ukraine, and free food rations are regularly sent to veterans and veterans of World War II still in tears, remembered by grateful pensioners. That credibility, which were the authors of the project, can be safely linked to the fact that at this time they had the honor to be nominated "by the League of ratings and nominations" in the award of "Credo," which means – "trust" for achievements in the field of IT-technologies! Demonstrating a true Christian humility, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partola abandoned a well-deserved awards, which were awarded today the head of state. Boy Scouts of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. After all, busy issues of Christian charity, the sponsors gave all their rights, including the management of a company's project VH 49 Financial Corp., being sure that this company will continue to pursue the planned general line. However, life goes on, and today, Sergey Protsenko and Victor Partoly there are a number of new ideas and projects, and they are completely open to fruitful cooperation with the new company, which will provide possible assistance in their implementation. For example, Victor Partole after repentance the Lord revealed his purpose in publishing and distributing religious literature, which is today, unfortunately, happens in a society less and less, and Sergey Protsenko Lord revealed his purpose in creating family entertainment centers around the world – centers that have no analogues in world practice. The idea of producing and distributing Christian literature by MLM business structure and combined with the real sector of business – the creation of family entertainment centers, generated by the two authors of the Project, Victor Partoloy and Sergey Protsenko, itself already attractive for Investors! After all, everyone remembers how to build and still more than 50 years working successfully on the market such world-known MLM companies like AMWAY and others … and no one probably will not argue about ongoing for more than 50 years of the existence of popularity and profitability of such entertainment theme parks, as the world famous Disneyland! Combining ideas MLM and family entertainment, which are successful for many years, will provide a good basis for the establishment and development of such business on an international scale, will be for each other support and the support! Related long-standing friendship and genuine partnership, today Victor Partola and Sergey Protsenko deservedly are official members of the international human rights organizations under the auspices of the UN and have a high status – Consultants Committee of NGOs in Council of Europe, that does not keep them actively work in the field of promotion of new projects – have no analogues in the world!


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Limits and its absence: is very common, above all in the young, the constant search, alternatives that allow them to escape to everything what can be interpreted as a limitation, is of the nature that was, for many of those who swim in the sea of ignorance, the true freedom lies in living beyond the reach of any rule that, even try to, put some brake, to their most pressing desire to be able to enjoy unrestricted freedom. Now, we make an effort to understand, what is, what is really happening in each one of the countless constellations, that give life and meaning to this so plagued universe of competing interests as it is without a doubt the complex world of human relations. In our day, we can say, that have taken significant steps, as regards human rights, much has legislated on this issue, although this does not mean that mere rules of law, has resulted in compliance with what the law determines on the subject, especially in the protection of the weak, as it is the case of women and children, domestic violence, gender, and all types of violations to which minorities are exposed. Every day, the pages of newspapers and television news programs, we put in evidence of how far we are to eradicate this affront, real spit in the face, a society, which contemplates, stunned, as, like blinded insects, his sons maim it and die, no other reason, than the simple irrationality of their acts. Everything seems to indicate that man habitat is under threat from the man himself, which is demonstrating, despite the high degrees of evolution achieved, in the field of science, technology, and communications, to name a few, is incapable of transmitting values essential to their offspring, which grow insensitive to the real needs of its own species, transmuting the harmonic sense of solidarity-based coexistence, by the constant search for the submission of one over the other, as if the Foundation inherited by centuries of civilization, seem an ancient and archaic ballast, which is should be freed as soon as possible.

American University System

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To find out what happens in the world already not enough to watch different newscasts on television or toggle the newspapers that can be purchased at the kiosk. The impoverishment and the repetition of the same international information in different media is due in part to the current crisis, to informative contents determined increasingly by what sells domain increasing advertising and the major international news agencies. In the current crisis, many media around the world succumb to pessimism and the law of least effort to sustain the impossibility of doing good international journalism by lack of resources to sustain correspondents abroad. Took refuge in the old and fallacious assumption that the audience should give you what you want, as if there were hearings and not the people who watch television, listen to the radio or reading the newspaper that like them, starting with where most like them. In a world so inter-connected as ours, people need increasingly more knowing what is happening in other parts of the world. In that effort, the correspondents have become intermediaries between other realities and people who read the newspaper or watch television, one of its most important tasks as pointed out by the Spanish journalist Rosa Maria Calaf. Dialogue between peoples, breaking stereotypes and taboos regarding other cultures depend, largely, of the work of reporters and international journalists. Nieman Foundation spoke with conviction. Lack of cultural sensitivity is rooted in training and education. For this reason, communication professionals face the challenge of stemming the drift of information international toward a journalism of second category. Many journalists are beginning to slip into stereotypes and cliches, by news that are repeated year after year, accounted for by the spectacle of the tragedy. Journalist ceases to be where is the news, but that the news is where is the informant. The imprint left by the years of training and the value that comes here to collation This has in future communication professionals. To commemorate their years of the Faculty of information science, a Spanish journalist joked about the number of times you read Max Weber on different subjects that repeated theories and content in five years of career. At the end, I ended up tired of a sociologist so important, she said. It is less than teach the technical methods of a journalism of the past or repeat endless theories of information that have criteria in a comprehensive manner. I.e., with good bibliographies multi – disciplinary, with workshops and classes where they can write and discuss, with solid knowledge of history, geography, literature, philosophy and culture in general, but also perhaps in matters of science and mathematics, as it has provided the American University System. These disciplines are at the basis of observation, reasoning, moderation, responsibility, prudence and cultural sensitivity that should have international journalists. In United States, journalism students need to overcome at least one subject from mathematics, science, literature and other Humanities, among which you can choose sociology, psychology or philosophy. In many universities is compulsory, in addition, an annual subject which studies the history of Islam, from China, the history of ancient Greece and other themes of geography and culture. International University exchanges are also promoted as it is done in Europe with the Erasmus programme to sow the first seeds of sensitivity toward other cultures. British journalist Timothy Garton Ash disagreed in an article with the posture of a Chinese politician, according to which journalists should promote consensus, trust, cooperation and respect. This is perhaps the task of ambassadors. But not journalists and, above all, not to reporters. His job is to report truthful, impartial and graphically about what see, hear, smell and read. A training more comprehensive help journalists to us pleguemos to that function, for the sake of this interconnected world.


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Count stress and nervous stress melatonin, multi-talented and multi-faceted hormone experts to the relevant factors can be blamed primarily for sleep disorders. Sleep problems or difficulties staying asleep, are unfortunately usually cause of diverse health problems, for a so often going hand in hand, declining performance potential, as well as a tired and abgeschlafftes look. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. The fact that the sleep periods usually shorter and irregular during the night when many people with age, is an additional aspect that is reason for concern. What can you do to counteract the efficient? Not as a modern means of magic”, but rather as goal-oriented, effective preparation in the past the so-called sleep hormone”melatonin turned out. Under most conditions BSA would agree. The most important properties of melatonin include, for example, the mood-enhancing effect, as well as the fact that not only the sleep deeper and healthier, but that also dreams experienced more intense”can be. For more information see this site: David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA.

Dreams is simply part of a healthy sleep rhythm. Thanks to the positive aspects of melatonin, which the person experiences during the day, can much better and more efficiently during the night processed”are. How important it is in the (deep) sleep stages with the impressions, fears, problems, but also with the positive events of the day to engage and thus in the long run to do something for the physical and mental well-being, demonstrating the science in different tests again. “Everyone knows it: too little sleep is irritable and creates bad atmosphere in the truest sense”. Melatonin helps, easier- or to stay asleep.

During the night, the body of tryptophan and serotonin produces melanin the sleep hormone. Accordingly only a small proportion of happiness hormones consumed”, because there is a sufficient amount of melatonin, man benefited during the day by the mood-enhancing effect of melatonin. In the “Scientific studies has been already discovered many years ago that the pineal gland, which is located in the brain and in which the hormone melatonin produced is, in some ways the human, biological” clock is. This gland is among other things essential for the monitoring and control of individual aging. It follows that the hormone melatonin is therefore responsible crucially for the regulation of individual processes, which are directly connected with the ageing. Anyway, getting older brings many unpleasant”side effects with it. The skin becomes, for example, wrinkled and wrinkled, diabetes or heart disease are not uncommon in the age, some people do suffer from memory loss, chronic diseases are, et cetera. The hormone melatonin is a series of annoying latest findings according to able,”age processes to curb or to postpone this time. Is equally certain that melatonin have been proven that by far most effective Is antioxidant, which is available at the present time. A new discovery which in fact ensures a good mood! For more information and ordering for good melatonin products, in the Internet under serotonin-melatonin or by phone (+ 49) 01803 20 20 99 (9 CT. / min)

Rodrigues Blacksmith

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They do not eat meat humana' '. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. According to Foot. Jose de Moura, probably, this soldier arrived in the region of the Parecis (You stop) in Diamantino. Alexander Rodrigues Blacksmith was another traveller who arrived here, come from the Bahia. He explored the Paraguay rivers, Are Loureno and Cuiab. He collected material and data on zoology, botany, Geography, etc.

It left many written works. According to Joo Antonio Grandson, Blacksmith ' ' he was what he obtained to pull out our social literature of the picture of the coarse primitivismo and, of simple ' ' sociografia' ' , that is of the description of the society, without science concern. Between its workmanships we will cite: ' ' Supplements to the Memory of the rivers of Mato Grosso ' ' , ' ' Script of the Trip the Mato Grosso ' ' many others. In 1797 Frank Ricardo it was nominated by the governor to command the troops in the south and Strong border of Coimbra. It was, in the truth, a military man. It wrote on etnogrficas and geographic explorations. It made the hidrogrfico survey of Madeira and Guapor. Its works are scientific (exceeded) descriptive.

We can still cite: ' ' Extract of the description of the Captainship of Mato Grosso ' ' , ' ' Reflections on the captainship of Mato Grosso ' '. Frank Ricardo says that Cuiab progresses very in the end of century XVIII: ' ' A great people is Cuiab who presently consists with its dependences 18 000 souls, abundantssima of meats, fruits hortalias and fish for price still more cmodo of what in the ports of the sea. Robustos&#039 is proper land to create men; ' Francisco Lacerda de Almeida, was accompanying of Frank Ricardo. Formed mathematical notable in Coimbra. He gave to some services the Mato Grosso, working in the regions most inhospitable of the State.

Holy Writs

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The Wars won for Napoleo Bonaparte had been in function of the words of spirit that it spoke to its soldiers before they were to the battlefield. Therefore, let us hear the words Mr. so that let us win the battles that are our wait (Read. Js. 1:7). Official site: Dr. Neal Barnard. Let us observe that, the Joshua was speaking to you so that it had good spirit to obey its Alive and Powerful Word. If not to obey this Word we will not have forces enough to win and we conquer the battles that are our front.

The soldiers of Napoleo were intent for the words that the French general spoke to them; we also need to be intent for the Words of our Great General powerful that if find in the Holy Writs, the Bible. This third step is of utmost importance? It obeys the Word of God! ' ' Medita ' ' In this room step, God was disclosing for Joshua the secret of a victorious life: ' ' Not if aside remark of your mouth the book of this law, before ' ' MEDITA' ' in it day and night, so that you have care to make as to everything how much in it is written; because then you will make to prosper your way, and so cautious you conduzirs' ' (Js.1: 8). Here it is the secret of the success! Meditar in the saint and powerful Word of God! Why Joshua needed to meditar In it of day and night? He says the sacred text: ' ' So that you have the care of to make as everything how much in it &#039 is written; ' . The main intention of the meditation in the sacred texts is this. So that Joshua obeyed the God in everything, it was necessary that it practised the art of the meditation every day and all the nights.