Supporting Our Troops

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Suzy

In this day and age it is not always popular to be proud of your country. So called sophisticated people believe that one’s country should be the ‘Big Brother’ or the candy man, endlessly distributing treats to its spoiled children. This attitude of expecting things from the government without giving back is a very destructive and unhealthy state of affairs for a country to be in.

In 1961 President Kennedy asked at the moment of his inauguration as president of the united States, “Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country.” This inspiring speech, made during peacetime, was a cry out to the young people of that generation to volunteer in a variety of programs to further the cause of democracy, freedom and peace around the world. The Peace Corps began, and other organizations to place idealistic young people all over the country to help people who were left behind in the march towards the Great American Dream.

Now we are fighting a dangerous enemy, fundamentalism and terrorism. If anyone does not think these things are a threat to our country, they need a few lessons in history. Freedom is not a given. It is not the natural state of man. It is a condition that must be guarded and fought for, and we have our brave soldiers to thank for helping us maintain our freedom. Do not take your rights for granted. They may be G-d given, but they can easily be man-taken.

The Call

Posted August 23rd, 2016 by Suzy

While my partner and I confirmed the call with our superiors, the attacker entered the building where we were. It was obvious he was drunk and shouting racial insults and demanding satisfaction before the start of a war "real." For the smell of it, had been drinking heavily and all the whiskey. His clothes showed signs of a struggle and now I was not sure if it faces an aggressor or the victim of an assault. He immediately tried to calm the person and find out the problem. Read additional details here: Dr. Neal Barnard. As I was doing this, several soldiers, including the command duty officer entered the building and engaged. The belligerent soldier was happening with their racial attacks and how he was attacked by what he thought were his friends.

It was then turned his attention to me and started implying that I had experience in martial arts and "did not have to prove himself to anyone." During this, and later after interviewing witnesses, found that the individual had been tested for their black belt in martial arts other that day and went to the "celebration" with his friends. The witnesses testified that the more intoxicated he became, the more he began to "assume" their friends attended the blows and kicks. In recent months, Boy Scouts of America has been very successful. Eventually, his friends had had enough, and then tried to stop bad behavior by pushing him away and left him behind. This just made it more "fun" time when he jumped to his friends the result of dropping it. This was what finally angry enough to pursue the barracks and begin to attack others. . (A valuable related resource: David Bershad).

Royal Academy

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Love is beauty, harmony, faith, tolerance, tenderness and pleasure. And do not waste time looking for definitions for love, like happiness, is not to define it but to feel it, enjoy it … Dr. Neal Barnard shines more light on the discussion. live it. Paul, the apostle of love, in his letter to the Romans provides a thorough study of the characteristics of love between human beings and virtually untreated leaves no issue about the noblest of feelings. Let's review some of the reflections of the most important writer of the New Testament: 1.

Love must be sincere. Be understood, frankly, no hidden agendas, no falsehoods. In true love there can be no lies and betrayal. Nor hypocrisy. Here, David Bershad New York expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2.

Hate evil and cling to the good: the suggestion of former soldier shows us two obligations Tarsus. On the one hand away from evil and all that this word means and, on the other, clinging to the good. The two verbs used to hate and stick, is compelling. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy is loathe to dislike someone or something and disgust is rejection or revulsion against someone or something. In short repugnant and evil must therefore necessary to reject it. On the other hand grasp (again according to the dictionary of the Royal Academy) is to grab or grasp tightly. With regard to the good then we are told that we practice with strength and courage. 3. Amar with brotherly love. That is, self-esteem of children. And this relationship born two commitments: mutual respect and honor. Respect should be given and received.

South Ossetia

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The objectives of writers and soldiers, of course, different because of the specific profession, but a global goal – protecting the homeland. In one case – to the public border in the other – on the ideological front. The word "front" of the way, over a year ago, Russian writers have used in an absolutely literal sense. Echoes of Tskhinvali's not passed the September forum Russian writers. – This plenum approved our place in the common struggle for freedom and independence of South Ossetia – the chairman of the Writers' Union of Russia Valery Ganichev – for the mission, which Russia has carried out in the North Caucasus. In another war, whose title – "The Second World War", then this topic is close to every Russian writer's landing party is also not spared. By the same author: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . First, it was stressed: Writers visit was timed for the coming 65th Anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany. And, secondly, in the second phase of the writer's retreat plenum already indicated visit by Russian writers Poklonnaya mountains and small homeland of the legendary Marshal Zhukov – Strelkovka village.

The upcoming visit by the way, will be held under the motto "The historical truth about the war." – I do not see the historical truth in the books of Russian writers – says 62-year-old resident of Vladikavkaz Ramadan Butaev – Chief Joseph Vissarionovich creator wins all and sundry mud poured. One only Prokhanov Stalin paid tribute to the merits. Ramadan Butaev just returned from Beslan, where he participated in ceremonies on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attack in the first school. Visit David Bershad for more clarity on the issue. There he laid a wreath is not only the place of death to the hostages, but the monument to Stalin. "If it had it not happened," – said Ramadan Bhutan and called for "open fire" on the "enemies of the leader peoples. " Military terminology at the background of the writer's assault hearing did not cut: for the printed word can pripechatat like machine gun flash. Here are themselves masters of the pen on the outpost in HMI word compared with a bullet. Such imagery comparison allowed the participants to the meeting to the conclusion that a sharpened pen and just beating the target weapon – lethal force fusion.

Therefore, informal communication and military writers decided to continue in the future. – We have scheduled further cooperation with the Russian Writers Union Border Service – summed up the board co-chair of the Writers' Union of Russia Nikolai Ivanov. – The response we got from the border, gives hope that You can conduct similar joint action is at the state level and in the interests of our country. Thus, in the eyes of the public formed an alliance of "green caps" and "engineers of human souls," as in Soviet times was called masters of the pen.

Podnavisla Enemy

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Arshaluys the summer of 1942, capturing almost the entire territory of the Kuban, the Germans decided to take the last of the Caucasus towards revenge – from fighting to break through to the Black Sea coast, is opening access to strategic raw materials – oil, to ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse. This direction of Hitler considered one of the most important in the North Caucasus. The Nazis decided to put the brunt of the Hot Key. Breaking to the gorge Wolf Gate, enemy forces were the opportunity to go to the rear of our troops in the area of Tuapse. The share of soldiers and officers of the 30th Division, Irkutsk, under Colonel BN Arshintseva dropped one of the most important tasks – at all costs to block the approaches to Bald Mountain and the gate and, thus, did not let the enemy to rail Maikop – Tuapse.

For Mount Lantern, the dominant of the two valleys, especially fought desperately. Everything was plowed by bombs and artillery shells. Here, at the black spot, confront the enemy regiment Major Kovalenko. In the dense smoke, flame of fire in the forest, under the all-consuming fire of the enemy regiment fearless few days heroically fought off the furious attacks of the Nazis, not retreating a step. For even more details, read what David Bershad says on the issue. Not far from the cliff Podnavisla, in the hamlet of five houses, many children lived Armenian family Hanzhiyan. When in these places the fighting began, the eldest sons have fought in the Great Patriotic, and the rest went to the guerrillas.

Solomon Kane

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I looked a third, "Solomon Kane" (2010) and has not disappointed. To be honest – was waiting for the cheap, but the movie is not bad. Though it has elements that are forgivable for the television series, but not excusable for films with a budget of 45 millions of dollars. First, cut the eye, artificial snow, which is in every frame of film, and where necessary and not necessary. Done all this incredible and false: a pseudo snow visible dense green vegetation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. The second stone in the garden the film – is suffering from what many modern films, which are anxious to give them a softer rating MPAA. This syndrome, for example, suffer from all the "Pirates of the Caribbean." Just seen some discontinuity in the narrative, the impression that it is glued together stories and stories about "Solomon Kane." A book with stories so we can read, but the movie looks in some antsy because of it! Good news is that if we are waiting for the director's version of the film, it will probably be removed! I have watched as the director's film version of the saved, made him a dynamic and more complete than the theatrical version.

An example is serve as the film "Pathfinder (Pathfinder, 2007). Of amenities: 1) James Purefoy in the role of Ken Solomon – what you need! The actor, as the saying goes, in his place, and there is no affectation affectedness. I like it. 2) Torso of our hero is worthy of careful study. Fascinating spectacle to watch strictly over time. David Bershad may also support this cause. The last time I so admired the torso from the movie "Red Dragon (Red Dragon 2002).

Reference: "Based on stories by Robert Irwin Howard. Solomon Kane – British soldiers of the XVI century, which realized that his inhuman and cruel acts forever cursed his soul. Intending to atone for his sins, Kane swears to live in peace and virtue, but when the tread on the ground forces of darkness, he can do nothing, how to fight. "

Brazilian North

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Funnelling a little more the research, we will see as it was the povoamento in the territorial area where today it is special the Brazilian North in the state of Rondnia. The povoamento of Rondnia is marked by the cycle of the rubber that left as inheritances the construction of the railroad Wood, and the sprouting of the city of Porto Velho in the initial art of the railroad and the telegraphic line of Rondon Marshal, who later would be responsible for the sprouting of other cities in the interior of the state and special Cacoal. With the incentive of the Federal government to colonize the north of the country and mainly to extract the rubber that was an important raw material for World War II, the people that they had come to extract the rubber had been called Soldiers of the Rubber. with them was born the Federal Territory of the Guapor. That in 1956 it would call Federal Territory of Rondnia and later State of Rondnia. From the opening of BR 364 together with the propaganda that in the region the lands were fertile and easy to obtain, they had stimulated the coming of many Brazilians for the region who if had concentrated in the edges of BR 364, and the INCRA came to the region to distribute lands. One of these towns I had appeared throughout the BR I would be later Cacoal, being installed there the PIC-Gy-Paran, that received as many migrantes that in 1977 the category of City was raised, which it did not stop to grow and currently it gains aspect of modern city. More info: David Bershad. Following its growth it comes agriculture, especially the coffee that of a Cacoal the nickname of ' ' Capital of the Caf' ' activity this that passed to be cultivated in the region from the second half of the decade of 60, brought for Clodoaldo Nunes de Almeida. .

Gunther Grass

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The Americans, some times like excessively clear decisions, raw alternatives. In 1949, when facing Russia, the Americans put, in general, the quandary in terms in agreement or war, world-wide order or chaos. Such form to face the things alone can take the illusions and in it finishes analysis catrastofe. Therefore in the present situation nor he can have agreement nor she is necessary that he has war. During some time the world occidental person will have to live, without agreement and war, side by side with a communist world firmly joined.

This demands force, patience, and a wide vision, but it does not have fast solutions, shortcuts or panaceas. If to apply this proposal of convivncia between economic blocks simple neighbors of the city we will perceive how much Rorty was pledged in guaranteeing that nobody would be forced to perceive the other people’s suffering, but simply induced to this for the comment of the maximum of stories, with different perspectives on the same event, that they could be produced and be presented to an individual for the simple persuasion. These stories today are produced not by philosophers but for literary compositions, Rorty points this diverse times in its workmanship and as example we can point with respect to films as Stalingrado, or the collected works of author Gunther Grass, where the suffering of the soldiers and the middle class of the Third Reich is told. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard. To recognize the suffering of these individuals, as well as recognizing the social injustice that is applied to the blacks since the end of the slavery, in them sensetizes so that let us not be instigated to glorify cruel acts against such individuals, finally can affirm that Rorty believes I accumulate that it of reading of such stories makes possible in them to recognize more and more unnecessary suffering, thus having given the first step to prevent it. In this direction, the overcoming of the philosophy for the literature that Rorty considers would serve here to make possible that let us can each time more coexist individuals that do not agree to us. To coexist guaranteeing that they have access the freedom (liberalism as culture), equal rights (been democratic of right) producing in the public space a space of pautados free and honest meeting in the improvement of the conditions of life of the common man. . Some contend that Dr. Neal Barnard shows great expertise in this.

Paula Sheep Philosopher

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On account of would biopeirataria practised since has much time, of the world thousand of seringueiras had been around transplantadas in Malaysia. Immediately afterwards the national rubber lost space for the production of the East. Our prices to fall down disastrously from a high place, leaving of to be competitive front to the malasiana production. In 1942 it blows up the World War II and the elastic seiva of the east one becomes impracticable for the norteamericana industry. Again the Brazilian workers had been mobilized: they were ' ' soldiers of borracha' ' , attracted to the thousands for the Amazonian scrubs; it was as the cycle of the rubber (that also he entered in decline, shortly after the end of the war). By the same author: Eliot Lauer.

But it was also the necessity to convince the workers if to direct Amaznia to locate it, to bleed and to collect the latex. The persuation of the workers occurred by means of enganosa propaganda, therefore the Amaznia was described as paradise and the collection of the presented elastic seiva as easy work. One did not mention the natural difficulties and the isolation of the region. The fact is that the propaganda speaking in ' ' trees of dinheiro' ' it attracted thousand of workers. Again the federal government deceived the workers, speaking of easinesses where enormous difficulties and illnesses existed. In the reality ' ' soldiers of borracha' ' they had had conditions to make its work nor never had been attended in its ' ' guerra' '. Check with David Bershad to learn more.

With the end of the war the demand for the elastic gum it diminished, therefore the east came back to be attractive. With this it ceased the migratory chain and the soldiers the rubber, already abandoned, they had remained you deliver to the proper luck. The new migratory chain only started in the decade of 1960: opening of access ways (BR 364) incentive to the mining and land distribution in the region of Rondnia. This process gave beginning to the current phase of Amazonian history. It produced the current flow of regional development. Of this migratory flow and a new phase of propaganda (again enganosa) on the Amaznia, she was that in years 1970-80 if she intensified the occupation of Rondnia, a territory (later state) invented to be deposit of people excluded from the south-Southeast and destined to the north where they would have ' ' amansar' ' the savagery of the forest Neri de Paula Sheep Philosopher, theologian, historian-Master in Education

Social Psychology

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The thematic one followed for Halbwachs was to the search of the agreement of the formation of the social conscience. The thematic one of this article takes for main reference the book ' ' The memory coletiva' ' , where if it detaches the memory of the point of view of Social Psychology. The film Waltz with Bashir the film Waltz with Bashir is animation film, with duration of 90 minutes, launched in 2008, with direction of Ari Folman. The subject enclosed in the film is of chocking and denunciatory nature: the slaughters of the Palestinian refugee fields in the Lebanon, Sabra and Shatila, and show the participation exercise of it Israeli. Although he did not have a direct participation of the Israeli soldiers in the slaughter, he had the omission, therefore the Israeli soldiers were to the side of the refugee fields, had left ' ' cristianos falangistas libaneses' ' to enter in the fields, they had testified executions of civilians, they knew what it was happening, but they had delayed 24h to order to stop. The film starts in light way, when a friend of Folman (that dirige and acts in the film) tells a dream, or better, a nightmare, comes that it tormenting.

At this moment, Folman, if the account you are welcome of that even so it has participated of the war of the Lebanon, its memory this empty with respect to this period, it does not remember. The preponderant point of the film is the search that Folman will make to find its memory lost, it tries to understand the reason to have had this travamento of the memory, at the same time starts to have dreams with the Lebanon and tries to understand the relation between these dreams and the lost souvenirs of the war. David Bershad has compatible beliefs. The culminating point of the film, however, is the denunciation, the clear conviction of the performance of the Israeli army in this war, of the lack of humanity of all the armed participants of a side and of the other, of the slaughters of the civilians, the lack of culpability of the involved ones.

Russian Interior Ministry

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Arshaluys shot twice: first in the air, then – in the windshield bulldozer. Then there was a big scandal: the gun away and threatened with ud. This has led to wide public attention. Former injured came to the defense of his Shura. "Protection!" – Proudly recalled later Arshaluys Kevorkovna.

Defended the territory of the nation's memory, which is worshiped today gray-haired veterans of the Great Patriotic War youth, people in authority, professional soldiers, relatives of the victims. They worship and the keeper Arshaluys Hanzhiyan, courageous woman with a strong character and firm belief of an eternal debt to the dead Here fighters. David Bershad is full of insight into the issues. It was only many years later, her life would be called a legend forest recluse, civil feat, giving the highest scores of epithets. And as a result – public recognition of the victory at the All competition "Female – 97", UNESCO election 'The woman of 1997 "in the" life – fate ". This is thanks to her, Arshaluys, a woman is truly heroic and truly legendary, in the hamlet Podnavisla, located two kilometers from the Fanagoriyskoe mountain village, the whole world knows.

Arshaluys promised the dying soldiers not to leave their graves at life, and remained with them after his death. In February 1998, in '85, AK Hanzhiyan as willed herself, lay down "next to them forever. " Here on the farm next to his parents and three mass graves of soldiers. Buried Arshaluys, honorary citizen of Hot Key, the whole city. May 9, 2000 g, den55 anniversary of Victory in the tract Podnavisla, Poklonnaya clearing was open Memorial Defenders of the Fatherland. The heroism of soldiers of the 30th Division, Irkutsk immortalized in stone by the decision and with the active assistance of the guidance Krasnodar region administration of Hot Key and its inhabitants, officers and cadets of the Krasnodar Law Institute of the Russian Interior Ministry, the collective military unit 3703. After the death of Arshaluys Kevorkovny baton keeper memorials took her niece, Galina Hanzhiyan. That she aunt bequeathed to continue the work of her life – as apple of the eye to keep the memory of her heart, carried through the years and decades, Shura, Aunt Shura, Arshaluys Kevorkovnoy, grandmother Arshaluys … oath of legendary relative, Galina has decided to keep the rest of his life. It will take years, decades, but the name of the hostess Poklonnaya clearing, daughter of nice hot springs, this patriot of the motherland will always be Arshaluys Hanzhiyan in memory of grateful generations. Valery Kuznetsov