Fishing On The Lago Maggiore

Posted December 26th, 2021 by Suzy

The Italian-influenced Switzerland offers many holiday pleasures. A week fishing and on one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in Europe, Lago Maggiore. This is a real holiday experience. The Italian provinces of Lombardy and Piedmont share the Lake area of 212 square kilometers with the Swiss canton of Ticino. And no matter whether Italy or Switzerland, here one is exposed, a dreamlike panorama that one will take your breath away.

The climate is Mediterranean – here even bananas, oranges and lemons thrive. Olives and Cedar is there also and repeatedly Palm trees, palms, Palm trees. Best, looking for a quiet hotel on the lake or an apartment so close to the water itself as possible and then go go vacation. Whether to land at the feast in the Mediterranean marked Ristorante and Cafes or fishing and the sea. Depending on whether you want to lure the fish on the Swiss or Italian side, the conditions change, but only slightly. In both countries the free fishing law and it makes it easy to really anglers to the fish to come.

You need a fishing permit and you get that at the municipal office, sometimes also at the tourist office. It pays the fee of 10 euro on the post and upon presentation of the ID card and the receipt to get his fishing license. On the Italian side, children and young people may fish up to 16 years of age children even without a fishing licence, the Swiss are not quite so generous, here it comes, free throw out their route only the children until 13 years. Source: Darcy Stacom. To easily get permission but caution! Without this paper may not fish here. The penalties to be paid in both countries are considerably higher than the fishing licence and they exceed the value of the catch, which of course will be confiscated at fish poaching. The completeness of all fish from A to Z, waiting for the anglers in the Lago Maggiore. Eel, aland, perch, bream, grass carp, Pike, carp, rainbow trout, Roach, Rudd, lake trout and walleye. Petri Heil and Bon Appetit! Andreas Mettler-

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