Buenos Aires

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And despite the efforts being made, there are constraints that neutralizes any solution compatible with the democratic system Fund. Sometimes I think, that the actions of deconcentration of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, they spend more by personal attitudes, of those who decide to go to live inside, or return to him, that by any policy publishes internal migrations. The concrete is that migrations to the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, is ostensibly slowed. in view of the negative experiences that are transmitted by personal dialogues between friends and / or relatives. (CONTINUED IN THE THIRD AND LAST PART) NEORRURALIZACION and technologies adequate (towards a reengineering of ARGENTINA) by LIC.

Alfredo Armando Aguirre third and last part more for columbrar the possibilities offered, this temporarily, we have identified as the Argentina neorruralizacion, we move on to make a concise description of an Argentine population of less than fifty thousand inhabitants. In each of them there is a municipality, one or two clubs as minimum, schools primary with its corresponding cooperative, usually also have helpful n of the Police Commissioner, a popular library, a mutual(a veces los clubes lo son), a cooperative. Not in all populations, but most there is already a high school. In many there are volunteer fire brigades. And scouts are more population of this strip we all know that municipality, schools and entities of public good, are in permanent interaction with their assessments of cooperation and conflict.

As life itself. It sounds almost naive to postulate the continuous improvement of the inner workings and interrelationships between municipality, schools and institutions of public good. However this postulate may be novel for more than one analyst of social issues, especially about the lack of systematic studies on these realities, which are part of our everyday life. More institutions are animated by people. And that continuous improvement, means of the persons responsible for the municipalities, of Schools and institutions. And here appear concepts such as institutional strengthening and updating and teacher development. The first is applicable both to municipalities and institutions of public good, so in the case of the cooperating school, there would be actions for the benefit of each educational community, both on the side of teacher development, and institutional strengthening.

Theodor Friedrich WEG

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Higher education with mandatory work-placements – also the Desing of potential employers universities of applied sciences are usually manageable and focus on research questions from professional practice. They offer also a student-friendly student-teacher ratio. The professors know their students – usually even named. Universities of applied sciences are not quite as practical as the universities of cooperative education, but less theory-heavy (UNI). “A certain number of mandatory work-placements must be completed so that each student gets the opportunity, the acquired knowledge out there” to apply. Also internships in companies own networking and enable the trainees speak to potential employers. There are very often close cooperations with companies from the environment. Theses are often written on the basis of cooperation with a company.

Upon successful completion of the University of applied sciences, the job offer often follows. For University and college graduates, the chances on the labour market in Germany are roughly the same. Uni graduates but faster and easier management positions. University of applied sciences graduates earn slightly less than academics, who come from the University. This wage gap decreases but years continuously. A Polytechnic Bachelor’s degree, a change in a master program of a uni is can’t. The candidates are always dependent on her accomplishments by the respective University. A college degree is possible except for teachers, lawyers and doctors for almost all occupational groups.

The State exam is required for this study. Only courses at universities offering this degree. More info, hints and tips for the University of applied sciences study: information/studies/universities of applied sciences bildungsdoc is training service and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs are for all training presented. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training.

State Work

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In the track of this historical evolution, it has origin the Theory of the Relations Human beings, whose bigger expression is represented by the studious Elton Mayo, that appears face to the necessity of if humanizar and democratizing the administration, freeing it of the rigid standards established for the Classic Theory, adjusting it the life of the American people, who can be represented team spirit. Harmony and union between the people are the forces of organization 3. According to Professor Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti, 4 the behavior of the individuals and the activities for played them are determined by the environment where they are inserted. From there the necessity to implant a management of people inside of the organizations that improves the environment, so that the objectives are successful. Differently of the private initiative, the public organizations do not aim at the profit, but, the common good, and the servers who compose its structures must equally be benefited.

The appraised modern sociologist, Di Masi, on the politics of job in the United States, citing a commentary of Taylor says: If we had to assume a deaf person for the work for which it is necessary to hear, a lame where it is necessary to run, I would disobey to the State. The enterprise paper is not to make Christian charity. However, I can calmly assume a blind person for a job in which the eyes are not necessary. (The Creative cio, Domenico de Masi, following P. 16 and). In industrial society occurs, then, three types of changes & ndash; the discovery of new energy sources, a new division of the work and a new organization of the power & ndash; as it cannot have capital without work and work without capital, thousands of people if move of its houses for plants. These people who until then worked in its homes or fields, beyond also modifying its proper rhythm of production had modified the affective relations with the others, with the quarter where they lived and with its proper house.

Agricultural Society

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However, when the processes of expropriation of the peasants start to happen, mainly in the proper Device of the Galilia, the Agricultural Society, it passes to abide a more radical character and initiates a great conflict mainly politician for the devolution of expropriated lands and for the proper agrarian reform. In this direction the fights peasants north-eastern gain a new denotation, and is not summarized only to an isolated fight. At last, ' ' proletariat campons' ' to if finding as the main victim of the process of accumulation of capital in the canavieira farming, it gradual goes if guiding for only two exits. The first one consisted simply of adapting the new rules of a market economy in the field, if becoming in best of the hypotheses a wage-earning worker not contemplated by labor laws (he is valid to stand out that in this process of adaptation of the worker the new forms of production conducted for the industrial bourgeoisie, had been evidenced a great contingent of kept out of society families, had the great use of the temporary man power, that is, to be a wage-earning fixture in the agricultural large state, exactly without having some labor law, from the decade of 1960 was a privilege of few families.). the second alternative one was if to reveal antagonistically to these changes in the capitalist production that each time more expropriated the poor family peasant of its main ' ' fortuna' ' the land for the plantation and the creation of cattle of one forms extensive, come back toward the subsistence. It is in this context of superexploration and expulsion in mass of the peasant who the Agricultural Society of Plantadores and Pecuaristas de Pernambuco, was obliged to intervine in the defense of the small property peasant and the proper fight of the campesinato, being raised the flag of an agrarian reform.

Video Surveillance

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Something that is recurrent in modern industry is security and surveillance. Whether it’s a hidden camera in a work site, or a hidden camera in a site of construction, restaurants, stores, offices, whatever, there are cameras watching every move. Some of these capture the best and worst of human nature, some moisturizers, and well, some frankly that we want to simply would not have seen. In any case, cannot be pass the opportunity to see what is happening while they distance. We are a society in love with reality TV.

So with this said, what is more real than video in a DVR recording and play back later to see what you missed at a distance. In addition, it is not technology, now that allows you to view what their hidden cameras or security cameras are doing well from the privacy of your own home from your PC or laptop. The infinite possibilities. Never boot again, knowing if service personnel is spitting in the tartar sauce, the capture of an employee put a mucus dona of a companion while turning his back. There is no limit on what you can do.

Well, maybe not, but you can know what is happening when are not there. This can be crucial for some situations. Hidden cameras, complete sets of camera, surveillance, spy equipment, chambers of nana; all are available on the Internet. Do not miss it. You never know, there is a possibility that someone already noted you what you do and your not even expected you. Original author and source of the article.


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The child starts to make relations between the size of the word and the amount of used letters to write the words, associating with its sonorous value, that is, the amount of syllables that the words she possesss. Being that one monosslabo, cannot be read. The child inside goes evolving of this level of alfabetizao, until reaching the capacity to relate the sound (fonema) to the letter (grapheme), being thus capable to use a letter for each syllable of the word, not repeating letters. The conflict, in the learning is what desestrutura the hypothesis already confirmed, being that she is necessary to search new forms to understand the alphabetical process, so that the equilibrao occurs again. Previous the alphabetical process of the origin has a new level of alfabetizao: silbico-alphabetical. American Diabetes Association follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In this period the child perceives that its previous hypothesis is not more convincing, then abandons it and of the beginning the news schematical constructions, looking the equilibrao. The silbico-alphabetical period and what he is next to the understanding of the alphabetical system, that is, of the writing. You may wish to learn more. If so, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the place to go. It is in it that the child perceives that the syllables are not formed by amounts of letters, but yes for letters that make coherence between grafia and sound less, giving more importance the quality of the writing and the used amount of letters to form the word. In end, the child becomes alphabetical, writing the words with the adjusted syllables, perceiving that to form a syllable she does not have rule of number of letters, can be necessary one, two or more letters. But still she finds difficulties in relating certain syllables to the correct graphical, what she goes improving until arriving at the ortogrfica phase. 2 Illiteracy and iletramento With the extension of the escolaridade of basic education for nine years, initiate a new quarrel on the acquisition of the written language and the reading, since the pupils enter more early in the school.

The Decovida vestibule has created a contest to define the decorative style of the gardens of this spring. For it, it has selected four styles of gardens; Glad printings for glad spaces, Escape weekend, Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color. The objective of the contest is that the users, through their votes in the chic garden, select that one decoration that they like more and that it will mark to tendency this season. Besides making official the style of this year, the users will be able to gain a bond of 50 to buy products in the stores linen cloth. There are 100 product bonds and the term to vote finalizes the 31 of March. The participants can vote of the sort decorative of glad Spaces that she recreates a decorated summery atmosphere with printing in a trowel of very present color, Escape weekend mixes rustic linen textures contrasting with vanguardista design and Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color bets by fresh weaves to enjoy sunny and relaxed days. Colors like the full rainbow of light and force that they make us renew to us and they evoke a little our childhood to us and to let to us save a fantastic smile. Besides creating tendency in the decoration of gardens it is important to return to remember that the contest finalizes the next week and that there are 100 product bonds for the lucky participants.

Initiatives like this one, in certain way, foment the care of the green spaces and everything what it surrounds to him. At these moment estido decorative of the gardens that greater percentage of votes has is Ambiete calmed with I touch of color. The users bet dark tones in furniture and tapestries giving a touch of color in the complements to diminish the coldness of the target standing out with green pistachios and rich textures in weaves to be able to integrate the pieces and to secure to major comfortableness. Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color original Author and source of the article.

Paying Taxes

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Not pay taxes until the collection and application of our taxes is equitable. You may find Neeman Foundation to be a useful source of information. * Change the absurd tax value added VAT by a simplified tax system fair. Cuernavaca Morelos at November 7, 2009. By Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. As we all know the tax collection, is a practice tenders and very necessary for financing the development and progress of society, to meet the needs of our country, let us work to achieve a comprehensive fiscal reform, or to integrate us all.

Already enough to continue indulging so much corruption and ineptitude of our Government, the solution is in our hands when Mexicans unite in one mind and in a single thought: not paying taxes until the collection and application of our taxes is equitable nor pay vehicle holdings in agreement to the fulfillment of the promise campaign of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. Let us join our efforts to suspend all tax payments, demanding first of all municipal Presidents and that of the Republic, Deputies and Senators and federal officials, down to 50% their salary and benefits, we will spare this measure enough to begin to grow financially in our country. Second request: shall regulate and establish clearly and of easy access and application, in the federal law of servers and public officials, which punish negligence, incompetence or acts of corruption, with economic penalties and even jail. And as a third request require the use and application of resources are trasparenten. Enough to pay more those who have least and big business, magnates and chieftains to evade taxes. Enough that continue using poor people to speak against the payment of taxes. Recent approvals of tax reform, left satisfied no person who can boast of being smart and honest, demonstrations and reactions of those who reach to discern the stultification of the legislators were not immediate, many of them decided to send emails proposing various actions, emphasizing in all time endless recriminations and offenses all rightly so, but to tell the truth to these politiquillos not move them, because they have no principles and values, or its own initiative, the offenses slip them as they spread corruption and ineptitude, but what if it will be effective is suspending the payment of taxes and will see that they do not take 3 months, when they already have a better fiscal plan, because if they know that they must do, but they do not slogan of those who govern in anonymity and benefiting from extreme poverty to where we want to take.


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For those who live in the part in the excursions are much easier to prepare for a hike than a group of "newcomers" with the first visit by the plain between mountain communities. Preparing for the group hiking in the mountains for the first time requires a lot of time and effort. Necessary to provide things that distinguishes the mountain tour from the plains. Yes, and allowed such a campaign only high school age. Preparation of lead, with the participation of an experienced consultant. Consulting with him, we must primarily to identify district campaign.

For going to the mountains for the first time should be put relatively modest goals, such as not tend to climb on V hard-top, do not climb on the glaciers because of the many dangers traffic on them (cracks, etc.). By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. Using large-scale charts or tourist card with the target on its routes, you must choose a path to follow to calculate the time for conversions, to identify places for overnight stays and stops observations. If the area of the campaign and the chosen route is literature – study it carefully, make a program of observations. Then – prepare gear. However, it must be borne in mind that gear for a hike in the mountains require particular. Thus, in the personal equipment required, for example, waterproof jacket, woolen sweater and socks (with reserve), sturdy shoes and mountain "cat", light and warm sleeping bags, sunglasses and cream protects the face and hands from burns, alpenstock.

In the group must necessarily be the person who knows how to knit the main insurance units, attach to the shoes the cat that is already there were hiking in the mountains and knows the rules of technology safety in the mountain hike. Being in the mountains, not even for a minute forget about the dangers that may lie in wait. They lurk in the sudden runaway from the slope of an avalanche of stone, with the flying rocks or vyskolznuvshem from under uncertainly set up. The slightest misstep, admissible under ordinary conditions in the mountains can turn into a tragedy. Before exiting the campaign must be trained in walking around the school (village, city) in order day trips with full "computation" and climbing a hill, low mountain, where would be ups and downs. Chief goes out into the squad school is usually in the mountains who had been previously a teacher.


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Working with real data. 2. Justifications and objectives. ' ' The necessity of new contents of Mathematics that they aim at to enable the students to the next century is not compatible with the effective curricular structures New curricular alternatives depends on substantial application of powerful technologies. This process must include dramatical growth in the interactions between the participants of the educational process and between the resources disponveis' '. (Kaput, 1996). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Childrens Defense Fund. The mathematics professors, currently, have not used technological resources to improve and to fix contents that are of difficult agreements, as I assist pedagogical, therefore, it has not taken to the pupil a pleasant interaction between the mathematical education and the same. The reason to study mathematics can be exemplificado through software contributing for a learning that makes direction, that is, meaning and application.

Professors need to use technological resources as support the mathematical contents to create pleasant and dynamic environments, contributing for a probable success of the students in mathematics. The Influence of the school in its professors of mathematics, to be using technological resources will have to be constant, therefore many are not enabled if auto to informatizar, for reason of time, money or for simply not wanting to make. However, the change in the mathematical education for a vision ' ' tecnomatemtica' ' it has that to happen, therefore, to form pupils who simply study for studying it is not the main objective, but yes to lead to the pupil to construct knowledge and to transform them into citizens. 3. Estimated theoreticians and metodolgicos. 3.1.

Theoretical recital: The second information of Richards, 1991. ' ' It is necessary that the mathematics professor organizes a work structuralized through activities that propitiate the development of informal exploration reflexiva inquiry and that they do not deprive the pupils in its initiatives and control of the situation. The professor must project challenges that stimulate the questioning, the rank of problems and the brainstorming.