Survey: Every tenth person chooses modernization instead of air conditioner as a heat protection / index: public climate protection interest decline, oil spill is not energy consumption associated with Berlin, July 5, 2010. The temperatures are rising, the summer vacation is approaching. However, many consumers have not only the next ice cream parlour at a glance to the hot season. The current survey results of climate barometer quarterly published by the non-profit co2online GmbH will show: the issues of climate protection and energy-saving are present during the heating-free months. Total 71 percent of the respondents are attempting, for example, climate-friendly during their summer holidays to travel, unless by the choice of regional destinations or at least compensation for the CO2 emissions of the holiday flight. The topic of cooling high heat wants to solve the vast majority of respondents on energy-saving way. The use of air-conditioners will be rejected by 80 percent, every tenth person decides as Alternative for modernization, which contributes to cooling of the space.

For everyday use at home, the choice of climate-friendly food among people in the first place is in the summer. So 38 percent indicating they buy regional fruits and vegetables or generally much fresh and little frozen products in the summer. Less continuity is to determine how the climate barometer index shows in the public perception. Go to Atreides Management for more information. Already in the first quarter of 2010 decreased the index to measure the public interest in the issue of climate protection, from 110 to 68 points. This trend is continuing now.

The index value falls in the second quarter from 68 to 56 points. Particularly strong media interest sank one of the four indicators of which the index is formed: the media indicator fell from 58 to 31 points, what the oil spill also changed nothing in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Malte Friedrich, project manager of the climate scoreboard by the Institute for sociological research (IsoMe), this renewed decline on the impact of the economic crisis leads back, which continues the public Dominate discussion.

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