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Natural fun in the Nagelfluhkette nature park with the maximum year-round toboggan run in Germany Immenstadt, 24.10.2011 – Winter is coming already powerful steps, but the summer season is not over 2011: Golden Autumn weather enjoy now is the motto! And where is that better than in the Lake of Alpine mountains, which is open […]

Car Rental Tour Iceland

October 8th, 2020

This Iceland car rental tour and explore all landscape features of Islands. A real adventure is to launch the 11-day car tour of Iceland by Erlingsson nature trips, independently and autonomously. At the handover of the rental car at the airport, it is equipped with maps, the accommodations are booked, the individual sections are manageable, […]


September 21st, 2020

So many people like never before using a record year accommodation in Bad Kreuznach for the city, Bad Kreuznach was the year 2012. Never before stayed more guests in the accommodations of the spa town by the close. It swims Bad Kreuznach bucking the trend. While the number of overnight stays decreased in Rhineland-Palatinate, could […]

Viking Centre

September 20th, 2020

The bedrooms are designed as suites with four-poster bed and relaxation area quite true to style. The indoor pool with pillars and arches, sauna/steam bath and Jacuzzi is in the basement. Price for one week: from 2.929 euros for 22 persons (per person per day: 19). Code E1-300 for romantics who want to book a […]

German Finnish

August 2nd, 2020

This condition presents a linguistic and professional challenge for competent translators, since education may be global – and Europe very different”, the speaker describes educational technical texts translation problems. As Germany and Finland join generally very good political, cultural and economic relations, and in addition, Germany is an attractive location for investors from Finland, the […]

Holiday Travel

April 9th, 2020

If the Lusen attracts spring hike with the dog on the ‘ philosophical mountain this trip also ideally suited to take the dog. The Landhotel Haus Waldeck in Mitterfirmiansreut, likes taking guests with dogs, is it not far situated directly on the border of the National Park. “From the village of forest houses it goes […]

Stars Work Out Skiing

July 22nd, 2019 reveals the best slopes and trails for professionals and those who want to be Munich, 19.10.2010 – when stars like Maria Riesch go on the weekend of October 23, 2010 in Solden Ski World Cup opener at the start, lie months of hard training behind them and before them, as the alpine and the […]

Italy Sagre Time

September 11th, 2018

Nature, culture and cuisine of Italy – a journey of discovery actually every weekend Sagre take place throughout the entire Bel Paese distributed to the various regional specialities. So there is the feast of the porcini mushrooms, truffles, the pici (handmade pasta varieties from Tuscany), the cherries, the crostini, fish or wild boar specialities, etc., […]

Mountain National Park

August 10th, 2017

Dream beaches and Heath landscape a half hour drive from Cape Town, offers visitors around the Cape of good hope a breathtaking natural landscape. The online travel agency introduces some of the attractions in the surrounding area of the metropolis of the World Cup. Anyone wanting to perfect shape his holiday in South Africa, […]

The Vikings already enjoyed a vacation area in which it is so beautifully hyggelig life on the Limfjord. We turn back the clocks. abetes. Let’s say in the year 900. Although the Sun is shining, blowing a fresh West wind from the nearby North Sea. A boat is struggling after the other by the narrowness […]