Elise McKenna

February 27th, 2013

The term initially was (GIMFERRER, 2006, P. 54) and is accurately this that Matheson created as scriptwriter: a new construction. The script of the film has the same base of the plot of the romance? love through a trip in the time? however, the alterations produce an inversion in the personality of the protagonist who […]


February 13th, 2013

Exterminar all for the sword (Js 6:21; 8:24; 10:1 – 39; 11:11 – 14,16,17; 19:47; Jz 1:8,25; 4:6 – 16; God marches in the front, 18:27,28; 1Sm 15:3 – 8; without mercy even with the children; Jr 21:5 I myself I go to fight against vocs with strong hand and extended arm, ez 26:6,11; 28:7,8,23; […]

Discardings Happiness

February 6th, 2013

The man expanded knowledge, faced competitions, assumed to be able and dominated empires, but solitary only became and. ' ' The virtual world created a new habitat it human being, characterized for the encapsulamento on itself exactly and the lack of the touch, the tato and of contact humano.' ' (BOFF, 1999, pg. 11). The […]