Water Conservation

Posted August 1st, 2020 by Suzy

Freatfitas? What they are freatfitas? They are plants that use the water of the fretico sheet. The freatfita term drift of the junction of the term ‘ ‘ fito’ ‘ , that it wants to say plant, with the term ‘ ‘ fretico’ ‘ that it make reference to reference the underground water. To use underground water, these plants generally possess deep roots. However, exceptions happen, therefore in regions next the water bodies where the fretico sheet is not situated in great depths, are possible to occur freatfitas whose roots are not so deep. A great group of plants if incases in this definition.

Leaving of plants of barren regions that for obtaining to reach a region with constant water suppliment obtain to remain all during the year, until plants that live in areas next to the water bodies. Moreover, these plants can be of some types, leaving of trees, shrubs even though herbaceous plants. Chemical preparation from: DAVENPORT, D.C.; MARTIN, P.E. ; HAGAN, R.M. Evapotranspiration from riparian vegetation: conserving to water by reducing to saltcedar transpiration.

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