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December 27th, 2020

All the tragedies in Brazil have one same origin. They result of the same sources: corruption, impunity, indifference, disrespect, demobilization, ignorance, great power, arrogance, disinterest, descompromisso, individualism, ambition, amongst others as much coirms. None is not necessary commission so that if it finds the cause of the landslide of the building in the fatdica night […]

Edson Silva

July 18th, 2020

I believe that nothing, except for our infantile imagination. With the twelve years, in 74, I compared the speed of ‘ ‘ Marine Lemo’ ‘ its long hair, to the style of the superhero Thor, to the one of the proper God of the thunder of the magazines and livened up drawings. I badly wise […]


April 26th, 2017

The auctions of cents are one formulate innovative to become purchases in the Internet in amused way. This modality was invented in Germany has some years and, more recently, it also turned fashion in Brazil. The functioning mechanism is very simple: in the hour where the auction starts, a timer initiates a countdown (that he […]

Brazilian Goals

April 13th, 2012

It was in the Pantry of 38, in the France, that shone the name of one of first great craques Brazilian: Lenidas Da Silva, who had acted in 34 and made the only Brazilian goal, in only left the Brazilian one of that world-wide one, the defeat for 3×1 for Spain. In the estreia, in […]