Posted December 27th, 2020 by Suzy

All the tragedies in Brazil have one same origin. They result of the same sources: corruption, impunity, indifference, disrespect, demobilization, ignorance, great power, arrogance, disinterest, descompromisso, individualism, ambition, amongst others as much coirms. None is not necessary commission so that if it finds the cause of the landslide of the building in the fatdica night of summer of Rio De Janeiro, as much how much the burial in the mount of the Bumba (lixo), in Niteri, passed year, the resultant deaths of floods in Belo Horizonte, New Friburgo and Terespolis, amongst absurdly cruel others, cutting with a scythe irretrievable and so valuable lives that money none of the world can pay. To know more about this subject visit World Travel & Tourism Council. Much less the decurrent floods that devastate Campo Grande of the overflow in the area sanded of the Ster and the only death of one of its children, swallowed for a sorvedouro that the media decided to present as culvert. Our country does not have register of natural cataclysms; we are blessed. Ours tragedies arrive in them for the recklessness, for the lassido and moral afrouxamento with that we face day-by-day and we contaminate our customs.

It arrives of movements, taken a walk, flags, mobilization and escrnios for the nets of the Internet. The century is the XXI, the year is 2012, the hour is now. Hour to wake up and to share our presence in the world. All social problem happens of the culture of a people and if it constructs in the scope of the individuality. We who we decide, in our field of activity are, to act or not; to collate or not a problem; to give, or not, the had attention to an infraction, impunity, a malfeito well in our nose. We are who we do not want to hear, to see and to dimensionar the extension of a testified problem. The individualism took account of us and it transformed into them into mere consumers.

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