Posted April 26th, 2017 by Suzy

The auctions of cents are one formulate innovative to become purchases in the Internet in amused way. This modality was invented in Germany has some years and, more recently, it also turned fashion in Brazil. The functioning mechanism is very simple: in the hour where the auction starts, a timer initiates a countdown (that he can vary of 30 the 15 seconds, depending on the site of auctions and of the auctionzed product) and the users they participate giving you launch. To each it launches, the price of the product increases of 1 cent (here it is explained the name auctions of cents, penny auction in English) and timer recommences the countdown. Who earns? It gains that to give launches, who last not to offer more. However it does not have time limit, therefore an auction can last some minutes or some hours, or in cases of products of great value (for example, an car) until days. Obviously of the one not to know when the auction goes to finish, not even who will be the last one launches to give it and to buy at auction the product.

Of all the participants, only one it gains the auction. But the winner normally makes an excellent business buying at auction expensive products very for a price up to 90% lower than in store. When you participate of an auction, the possibility exists to spend its launches (that you purchase and this are the profit of the sites) without obtaining to buy at auction nothing. For certain aspect, the auctions of cents are a game and in a game she is necessary also to have luck. To have the luck of being the last one to give launches. However you wanted to supply to some tips to increase its possibilities to earn: 1) First, she is necessary to know that the auctions of cents possess a bedding in a study of the theory of the games and, but specifically, in the call Quandary of the Volunteer.

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