Brazilian Goals

Posted April 13th, 2012 by Suzy

It was in the Pantry of 38, in the France, that shone the name of one of first great craques Brazilian: Lenidas Da Silva, who had acted in 34 and made the only Brazilian goal, in only left the Brazilian one of that world-wide one, the defeat for 3×1 for Spain. In the estreia, in 38, the first controversy involving craque was that one of its 3 gols, in the difficult victory of 6×5 against the Poland, was marked bare-footed, what is irregular. Lenidas would have if I insult of the equipment, that very would be weighed, had to the lamaal where if it found part of the field. But, other controversies would involve ours craque, that already it was, since 32, inventor of the bicycle, not half it of transport, but of the pretty play where the player if projects in air, reaches the ball of coasts for the goal and makes juggling, obtaining to deviate it for the goal and, when certeira, almost always he surprises the goleiro. As the Pantry of 38 was in France and knowledge is not excessively, the inventor of the bicycle (transport) was the Frenchman Pierre Lallemente, in 1863, based in the invention German, Draisiana (species of bicycle almost all in wood). Good, but coming back to our player, in 38, in full Pantry, Lenidas repeated the play for invented it (the bicycle), made 1 goal, that frightened the twisted one, but the judge annulled, therefore the technique was unaware of and it found it volunteer. Perhaps either therefore that diverse books of History of the Pantries of the World place Lenidas with artilleryman of the world-wide one of 38, with 8 gols, the official site of places it to the Fifa as artilleryman of the competition, but with 7 gols, the player has a total of 8 gols with the marked one in the Pantry of 34. In 38, Brazil was in third place, losing the semifinal for Italy, in departure that Lenidas did not act and for which if it created worse controversy that of gols bare-footed or bicycle.

It had rumor that the artilleryman simulated bruise and it he had that to process people for calumny, therefore they had insinuated bribe made for then the dictator Benito Mussolini. It is Brazil of the denuncismo exists makes time. Ah, to lock up, I consider the deceased Lenidas one of the professors of our soccer, then abraos to valorosos Brazilian professors, who, since 1947 (120 years after D. Peter I to have lowered decree, creating Elementary Ensino and aiming at to value these professionals) remember its day in 15 of October, the fight continues!

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