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Carsten Bruhn

October 2nd, 2020

These services include an assessment of the current situation of document output and the testing of security considerations and bottlenecks in the document workflow. The managed print allows the identification of hidden costs and a subsequent optimization of systems services Ricoh, focus on reducing energy and paper consumption and the associated impacts on the environment. […]

Felix Scholz

May 2nd, 2017

The advantage of this is a weight saving, as fewer parts are used. As a disadvantage, one must consider that this is significantly less protected, as in a notebook. But also in the computing power differences between notebook and tablet. So are the former usually significantly stronger, with regard to the performance. Also, laptops have […]

They are not only expensive, but can even harm for the cleaning of the own computer screen, most users have their own recipe. While one opts for special cleaning agent for TFT monitors, another only with a Microfiber cloth or even with dish soap and water cleaning. In this article, we will go the question […]


May 17th, 2015

Video technology is another important element in securing field. Video surveillance systems are used for verification of messages and thus enabling to distinguish between real alarms and deception alarms technical alarms. Determining the actual cause of the message is a prerequisite for assessing the situation and the taking of countermeasures, in particular if it is […]

State Blu-ray

May 17th, 2015

In the new millennium, the exchange market extends also to DVDs: The Blu-ray now fights for dominance on the market of for storage and playback media. Modest coexistence: that was Blu-ray discs as well as DVD and Blu-ray launch much more promoted than the CD. But the manufacturer remained far behind the promise of their […]

Special Cleaner

May 11th, 2015

The Interior of a car can be also ideal with the crevice nozzle cleaned Maxi, the also can be used for cracks and joints. The Special nozzle of the dust brush that allows a gentle cleaning, dusting items is possible be completed… A glimpse of the kinds of filters on the vacuum cleaner at first […]

BCD Devices

May 10th, 2015

Other solutions are possible by arrangement. Innovative solutions of course arise from the audiences out special requirements with regard to the equipment and the device properties. There, two topics can be distinguished: on the one hand the requirements on certain structural location, housing materials, process connections and data inputs, etc.; on the other hand, the […]