BCD Devices

Posted May 10th, 2015 by Suzy

Other solutions are possible by arrangement. Innovative solutions of course arise from the audiences out special requirements with regard to the equipment and the device properties. There, two topics can be distinguished: on the one hand the requirements on certain structural location, housing materials, process connections and data inputs, etc.; on the other hand, the functionality of devices tuned on the individual customer requirements. Here is also the extremely great expertise and empathy of the WE reflected.TEC teams in the tasks of the user again. Ergonomic aspects and clear actionable design are the basis for a fast and error free recording different information.

A continuous and close dialogue makes the positive basis for the large display devices and systems, perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of the customers. So including all necessary because is used to meet requirements for compatibility to existing systems. There are efficient, anytime extendable systems. Developments or costly hardware or software adjustments must not be consummated. The realization of specific large displays rather using proven standard components of as standard solutions.

Individual large displays are modern information technology can be installed anywhere electronic, maintenance-free large display devices and systems. They are versatile in harsh industrial environments and serve as a source of information between man and technology. They ensure an optimal transmission of information with maximum flexibility and for a quick and safe capture of the information of every single employee, without its Activity to affect negatively. Furthermore, they serve optimally to the meaningful and visible representation of important process data, because they constantly communicate with the parent process hierarchy. They are tailored to the conditions on site, as well as on the individual ideas, wishes and requirements of the individual user and applications. GR.TEC ad GmbH offers completely ready for connection, maintenance-free large display devices in numeric and alphanumeric representation with a character height of 18 mm to 1,000 mm. These can be adapted easily the customer specifications. It is no problem, multilaterally readable, multi-line or label or printing to realize these display devices. The housing (material, fixing, etc.) can be adapted also to the customer specifications. In addition to the extensive range of large display devices, more products, the WE are in production and product range.TEC prove system – and supplier. These are small or panel mounting display, True color display, multi media displays, LCD displays or monitors with integrated IPC. A range of products and interfaces that leave virtually no customer request. The Gr.TEC display devices “are modular and can be integrated into virtually all production areas and equipment. They are so designed that an upgrade or expansion without problems is possible. The coupling of different systems, machines and components is no obstacle. Any display device can be connected to existing plc, PC, computer, field buses and networks. In General, it can be said that almost all industrial interface as standard are available. Are the most common such as BCD, analog, pulse input and serial interface, as well as in the fieldbus and PROFIBUS network area, PROFINET, Ethernet, INTERBUS, CanOpen, Modbus, DeviceNet, to name a few AS-interface to just a few. GR.TEC ad GmbH the Gr.TEC ad technology GmbH is a world-oriented and active company. With the planning, development, manufacturing and marketing high-quality It serves large display devices and systems for industrial applications reliably since 1998 all markets where information and visualization is a central factor. GR.TEC occurs here as a system provider with complete solutions.

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