Carsten Bruhn

Posted October 2nd, 2020 by Suzy

These services include an assessment of the current situation of document output and the testing of security considerations and bottlenecks in the document workflow. The managed print allows the identification of hidden costs and a subsequent optimization of systems services Ricoh, focus on reducing energy and paper consumption and the associated impacts on the environment. Ricoh and Unilever have agreed on a range of multifunctional systems and printers, which are integrated into the network of Unilever. The solution for jobs in home offices is based on the energy-efficient gel sprinter printers Ricoh GelJet technology. This highly efficient printer save not only energy resources, but also provide a massive reduction in energy costs, which is perfect for the Green IT “fits the strategy of Unilever. In addition, the home office cost model”clearly the consumption of the systems. Ricoh also allows through its Web-based monitoring and service tool @Remote Enterprise-Pro”reporting and settlement locations, countries and at European level. Thus, energy consumption, print volume, CO2 emissions, and toner recycling are more transparent.

The reporting with respect to the environmental values thus becomes an integrated part of the Green IT “-reporting.” A print policy elaborated especially for Unilever supports the companies to achieve the set costs and environmental objectives. Ricoh is the main supplier of Unilever in Europe for printing solutions since 2004 in the Office area. Unilever opted for Ricoh’s customer-oriented setting, its ability to offer of flexible managed print services and comprehensive European service network for an expansion of the existing agreements. Thus, service and support for all Unilever’s European sites are guaranteed. Other key factors were the philosophy laid out on sustainability of Ricoh and Ricoh reporting approach with regard to the impact on the Environment. Carsten Bruhn, CEO of Ricoh Global Services Europe, emphasises: Unilever has a strategic, innovative approach to document management. Therefore, the company enjoys the benefits of increased transparency and increased efficiency, reduced costs and environmental impact.

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