Posted May 17th, 2015 by Suzy

Video technology is another important element in securing field. Video surveillance systems are used for verification of messages and thus enabling to distinguish between real alarms and deception alarms technical alarms. Determining the actual cause of the message is a prerequisite for assessing the situation and the taking of countermeasures, in particular if it is a secluded area, where interventions by security personnel or police with high costs associated. Systems for the outdoor fuse the right choice of technology depends on various factors: the perceived threat and the required level of protection; the effectiveness of the sensor type in the expected threat; Environmental conditions and terrain; Cost of the sensor When compared to alternatives. the total cost over the life of the sensor. Volumetric sensors generate a three-dimensional detection area, through which an intruder is detected. Because the field is not visible and the sensor also covered installed may be the culprit is hard to bypass the sensor. Resistant to most environmental conditions these sensor types are often employed in areas, where little or no authorized movement by own personnel takes place, which can lead to unwanted messages. The fence or wall monitoring sensors are attached to the structure to be monitored. Log intrusion attempts, if the offender enters a detection or if he generated vibrations or structure-borne sound by climbing, crawling, or cutting.

A video sensor system turns a conventional camera system into a powerful surveillance system by monitoring the camera image on unauthorized entry. At the same time, it allows the instant message verification and thus a fast Decision, whether it is a genuine alarm or a fraud alert. Monitored obstacles meet two security functions in one. Make a mechanical obstacle which makes it difficult the unauthorized access for the intruder. And they report overcoming attempts by sensors installed on the obstacle. Investment in outdoor security systems should be carefully planned down to the last detail. For determining correct your security requirements, the threat must be known exactly. The implications of a break-in or robbery should be known to estimate the potential damage and define the scope of the security measures. In some cases, an adjustment of the grounds may be necessary so that the desired safety concept can be implemented. But you can leave here happy party for open fuses. They have the necessary know-how and find the right solution for everyone.

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