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Paul Sommer

April 25th, 2021

The example further shows that increasingly scientific institutions deal with the biological effects of technical energy fields. Is a diagnostic system for the investigation of stress rise in the organism through technical energy fields and hence the observation of heart rate variability is, because it is quite reasonable to attract the current heart rhythm for […]

Less weight, better protection and greater flexibility Beakbane Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of machine protection systems. The company offers tailor-made protection composite for every area of application, which are in-house designed and manufactured. The company is considered as a full-liner with full service”: a comprehensive and professional service offered the customers from […]

Robert Zach

September 30th, 2020

Then, the unused part of the human brain will be unlocked. All-the-what is”developed by our body as a smart concept of consciousness, everything is what it takes for the perfect people, when parts of the brain are not used then only because they are not yet required. Progressive expansion of consciousness enables the sequential modules […]

Conscious Life Energy

September 27th, 2020

Robert Zach deals for years with life energy Kufstein/Tyrol when he starts about God and the world\”to talk, it is usually very quiet, when he explains the principle of creation with very simple examples, he polarized not only the audience, he also formally pulls her under his spell. Robert Zach, confronted the audience with his […]