Paul Sommer

Posted April 25th, 2021 by Suzy

The example further shows that increasingly scientific institutions deal with the biological effects of technical energy fields. Is a diagnostic system for the investigation of stress rise in the organism through technical energy fields and hence the observation of heart rate variability is, because it is quite reasonable to attract the current heart rhythm for the assessment of vitality and well-being. All rhythms of life are reflected in the heartbeat. Are these rhythms in harmony, in consistency, then we feel well. The increase in skin temperature of subjects is quite understandable by coupling of the organism to the energy of the technical radiation in Provo multiply studies”, sums up Paul Sommer, but at the same time are mostly an acceleration Heart rate beats per minute and a reduction in the order of the heart rhythm, striking.” “What is interesting is that the increase of stress and chaos in the confirmed biological signals during application of the so-called harmonizer” fails. In assessing the protective effect of products, especially effects of promoting the balance of autonomic are evaluated in the biophysikalischen investigation of the testing laboratories (Homoostase).

A harmonious relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity within the normal range is essential for health and spiritual well-being. The physiological effects of environment fields examined worldwide already in more detail than most people realize. Details can be found by clicking Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or emailing the administrator. Virtually every disease, every disorder was brought by the one or the other researchers with elektromagnetischer air pollution (smog”) in conjunction. An enhance numerous symptoms, show preliminary short-research with devices that protect from electro-smog suggesting are actually by electromagnetic pollution or be strengthened by this. Oschmann, 2000. This results in relatively short periods of studies also a long-term research can withstand that, demonstrated by the biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer in a first examination with application of Raumharmonizern over a period of 4 years. In addition to technical radiation, it is important to avoid also geopathic stress. The author of this article argues forcefully for a neutralization of the information potential of any damaging radiation in the living room, the rearranging of furniture or beds can be seen only as a quick workaround, and not as a solution of long-term exposure.

When people with electromagnetic or geopathic sensitivity after therapeutic treatment at home and/or at work further by disturbing energy fields are surrounded, their problems will remain. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions spoke with conviction. With the personal experiences of the own research, we wear to the Clarification about the possible health effects of the invisible electromagnetic environment at and can advise you in the selection of appropriate precautionary measures. More study results or background information are to request at Paul Sommer at. Paul Sommer conducts research for five years in the field of biofeedback. Contact address biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer Gartenstrasse 26 D-98553 Schleusingen Tel.: + 49 36841 31480 supplementary literature instructions Ruiz, Patricia Pardo, MC (2006) PI faculty BUAP certified translation from the Spanish study on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the charge of the erythrocyte membrane and the effect of the protection plate (SAFER CALL) in DARPA, David (2003) the variation of heart rate. A two-case study on the reproducibility of results of Prof. Dr. Michael Muck Weymann about heart rate variability ( Ulrich Warnke (2001) this world and hereafter of the space time networks, popular Akademic Verlagsgesellschaft Saarbrucken Oschman, James L. (2000) energy medicine, concepts and scientific base, Baras, Irmfried (2009) cellular versus human rights technical knockout or compromise?

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