Conscious Life Energy

Posted September 27th, 2020 by Suzy

Robert Zach deals for years with life energy Kufstein/Tyrol when he starts about God and the world\”to talk, it is usually very quiet, when he explains the principle of creation with very simple examples, he polarized not only the audience, he also formally pulls her under his spell. Robert Zach, confronted the audience with his insights, and says the scientists of this world can explain the simple fact that people are aware of. The science going on there mind according to and assumes that consciousness in any way by the human brain was created. d Jr. That would be as if an appliance would create the power to work then. It is precisely reversed, produces the electricity the appliances, without the power the TV would not exist. Without the awareness it wasn’t for the people and his brain. What we now call the stream remains us and our cultures left, Chi, Qi, Prana, ODEM, Mana, or even God. Allah does not matter since the current represents an impersonal awareness.

\”\” The term consciousness\”has a very diverse meaning, in the language the part with the meanings of spiritual mind\” and religious soul \”overlaps. \”Consciousness to learn is the ultimate goal, the path to enlightenment culminates in the experience of the perfect consciousness of all-the-what is\”. Thus, Robert Zach is not the only one, even well-known scientists, such as the physicist Peter Russell are of the opinion that we challenge this basic assumption and instead should consider whether consciousness is present to some degree in all living matter. So as the electric current operates any other electrical appliance, so perfect consciousness operates every living creature, no matter whether cells, atoms, plants, animals or humans. Robert Zach which with its vibrant plastics since the life energy of humans shows up years by consciousness understood and can be applied, but goes further. If humanity their inherent detects present divinity and this one being redefined evolutionary – then – man will be born.

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