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Pilot: Project sees communication disaster fierce discussions among lawyers and politicians triggered the decision of the judge of the Senate for the fine things of the OLG Oldenburg, the fine imposed on a motorist for driving with improper tires was unlawful (AZ. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mackenzie Scott by clicking through. […]

Long winter break requires attention after a long winter waiting many motorcycle riders already eagerly to pursue their hobby again in better weather. Just after such a long break, it is even more important to curb the risk of an accident by similarly restrained their own driving style, as well as meaningful technical protection measures. […]

The Opera

December 15th, 2020

Normal servicing is advised to impair is essential decline. For more information see this site: Lee Pitts. Rotting may be a universal phenomenon which happens to be certain. We cannot leave behind as well as for the entire turnaround steps involved in ageing although properly forestall the success quickly. Therefore, painstaking treatment got the tow […]

Martti Paivinen

November 19th, 2020

The durability of designed especially for use in machine subcontracting stable special tyre Nokian country King is been maximised thanks to a new rubber compound. The durability of the stable special tyre Nokian country King is been maximised thanks to a new rubber compound. As a result of long product development work, the wear resistance […]

Hit TVeu Runs

November 11th, 2020

Passing an electric Speedster in the BIC Stenn Zwickau/Stenn – last Tuesday was the Managing Director of media service Lohs”, Jana Lohs, the key to a new TAZZARI ZERO for the television hit against. It is of proud owner of the first private certified electric cars in Zwickau. The little electric runabout, known […]

First, the targeted search brings the maximum savings. There scratches in the paintwork of your vehicle? In the driver’s door you mind has long been the Park delle left by a careless fellow with a shopping cart? The windshield has a rockfall? In the plastic bumper is a RIP? And all in all could use […]

Taking Care of Small Children

January 2nd, 2020

The German Verkehrswacht are grandparents tips, as they with their grandchildren safely at the destination Berlin, 07 February 2013: there are many households in which both parents are gainfully employed – the demands of childcare, even though the children of the kindergarten or school. In many families, the grandparents help out, cooking for the kids, […]

AvD Support FIA Initiative

September 23rd, 2018

Who on the phone while driving a car, operated the navigation device or due to time pressures with high speed on the road is, endangering themselves and other road users. Berlin, January 31, 2013: The misbehavior of individual drivers is one of the strongest sources of accidents on Germany’s roads. To reduce accident risks, the […]

Just for Carnival muffle it looks sometimes so that the fifth season means only one thing: sing celebrate alcohol. Berlin, 05 February 2013: Just for Carnival muffle it sometimes seems that the fifth season means only one thing: sing celebrate alcohol. Meetings, street processions and Kneipenbesuche belong to the tradition. For many revellers, alcohol is […]