Taking Care of Small Children

Posted January 2nd, 2020 by Suzy

The German Verkehrswacht are grandparents tips, as they with their grandchildren safely at the destination Berlin, 07 February 2013: there are many households in which both parents are gainfully employed – the demands of childcare, even though the children of the kindergarten or school. In many families, the grandparents help out, cooking for the kids, they employ, and bring them into kindergarten. The German Verkehrswacht gives tips on how they safely arrive at your destination with their grandchildren grandparents: on the road with the pram if you are traveling with a stroller, follow these simple rules: you basically go on the sidewalk, if possible always on the right side to the wall of the House. Special caution is advised on a shared pedestrian and cycle path. In doubt, stand still and wait for the quick riders are gone. Cross the road only on pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, or wait until there are no more traffic flowing. When you park the stroller.

Press always the car brake have it roll on the road. Small children if children are a little older, sitting in the stroller is boring them. You take the first independent steps, and soon sitting on a wheel or Bobby-car. Also the first successes come with the exercise and the children to ride alone on playgrounds around. Let small children still not alone on the sidewalk. This produces quite often confusing situations that can be dangerous not only for the children, but also for the other participants of traffic on the sidewalk.

Secure your grandchild when travelling on the gaming device with the rod, as long as it is only still shaky. Use only secure pedestrian crossings. Take your grandchild at the crossing on the hand and carry or push the game unit with the other. Even if you think that your grandchildren ruled the Bobby-car or wheel, please remember, it Dodge fail due to the development in a dangerous situation and can stop! Kindergarten children if you accompany your grandson to kindergarten, go as far as possible on foot and collect them again to walk you. It is fun and healthy. If you drive the car: use always an appropriate child restraint. Let a child always on the side of the road – and get off. When you bring your grandson with the bike to kindergarten, don’t forget to put on a helmet not only the child, but also yourself! Kurt Bodewig, President of the German Verkehrswacht and Federal Minister (ret’d): “keep in mind that children learn constantly from us adults. The imitation of experience plays an important role in the life of the smallest. Young children cannot distinguish between right and wrong behavior. You may not realize yet a dangerous or unsafe traffic situation. “That’s why we all wear a lot of more responsibility, namely that of the model.

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