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Posted September 23rd, 2018 by Suzy

Who on the phone while driving a car, operated the navigation device or due to time pressures with high speed on the road is, endangering themselves and other road users. Berlin, January 31, 2013: The misbehavior of individual drivers is one of the strongest sources of accidents on Germany’s roads. To reduce accident risks, the Federation launched an initiative in life Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which promotes based on the 10 golden rules of road safety. Kurt Bodewig, President of the German Verkehrswacht and former Transport Minister, and plant, Vice President for law and traffic of the AvD, Hasso stressed RA within the framework of the 8th AvD twilight Hoppen in Goslar, the relevance of the FIA initiative to safe driving. The desire for more mobility is increasing, and with it the number of motorists. On the streets, a car on the other urges carelessness may have this serious consequences.

The adherence to simple rules can help already, to increase the safety on the road. These are simple, almost mundane rules, but everyone can use to significantly improve its ride quality. Road safety must be based above all individual motorists. Exactly such self-evident principles convince this over complicated requirements”, underlines RA Hasso work the usefulness of the guidelines. The golden rules of the FIA I myself buckle to the vehicle operator is responsible for all occupants, he must ensure that every rider sets the belt after boarding. I follow the highway code what was learned at the driving school in detail, short time is later been forgotten for some motorists.

The rules of the road traffic regulations are not always of course, but guarantee the safety of all road users. I notice the speed limit sheet metal damage repaired itself, not a human life. Proactive and adequate driving can be life-saving. I check my tyres tyres are the only contact with the road, a high quality, wear and correct Air pressure should be checked regularly. I’m sober who drunk or under the influence of drugs car driving, is a threat to the road. Better leave the car and Dodge on the bus or taxi. I protect my children to safely transport of a child always on the proper parental care. I give eight concentration and alertness Supreme maxims are phoning while driving a car or distract the sending of SMS. I’m doing breaks, when I’m tired arrive late is better than never arrive. I’m wearing a helmet at the motorcycle and bicycle riding this ensures optimal protection of the head. I’m being polite and considerate every traffic participant has earned the respect, Drangeleien or insults should be avoided. The golden rules of the FIA can be viewed at the following link: golden rules more info: DeutscheVerkehrswacht DtVerkehrswacht Contact for the press: Hannelore Herlan spokeswoman Budapest str. 31, 10787 Berlin phone: 030 / 516 51 05 20 mobile: 0151 / 16 62 72 75 the German Verkehrswacht belongs to the oldest and largest civic initiatives in Germany. Since its founding in 1924, she works for more security and fewer accidents on our roads today, with more than 70,000 volunteers dedicated. David Delrahim will not settle for partial explanations. You inform, advise and train safe behaviour on the road with road users of all ages. The target group programmes of the DVW reach about 2.5 million people per year. The DVW financed their actions and programmes with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development, as well as through membership dues and sponsorship.

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