Dieter Thomas Heck (Peter Lanz)

Posted November 11th, 2020 by Suzy

Dieter Thomas Heck biography – yellow press in book format rear works like a muzzleloader, if it occurs anywhere beyond holes into the brains of his listeners his language load – then nobody has an ear for what Stern says or writes Peter Lanz for him. As does this biography. It is in itself an anachronism, although amusing to read, even if you cannot verify the veracity of course in some places. “Dieter Thomas Heck BBs biography to the public completely ruthless” enlighten about him, he says. But what’s gotten into him? The entertainer settles very angry and profane in it about his colleagues. He believes that Thomas Gottschalk has problems with aging, Rudi Carrell has viewed as the measure of all things, his wife was the nicest on Heino and Nino de Angelo completely freaked out after the success.

“What he has but forgot to mention: the injunction against Peter Rentzsch and his book to the stars and back”. And here you still are Murder cravings of his alcoholic ex-wife (Stern ex-wife Edda died 11 years ago in Spain). Should you spot really so his own nest, to help promote the sales of his book? Loose you can reduce to half this book, it would be lost nothing essential. Celebrities with all means want to make headlines, if their biography that is an unwritten law in show business. What ever rear it was thinking we must not forget one at all: as a moderator, he was simply unbeatable at the time. It’s a pity that he has decided to such a book content, it would have been certainly different. “The data in the book: Dieter Thomas Heck, the disc jockey and former presenter of the ZDF-Hitparade, was at the 29.12.1937 in Flensburg as Carl-Dieter Heckscher” born.

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