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Due Life

March 6th, 2021

The MISSION In the silence of my goes thought Rest in the time and reflects on the Life, but the time does not wait Until I think, and the life goes with the time. I incessantly search to understand the reason of my existence, and recognize that I do not exist fortuitous, But that it […]

the Web shop of Michael Krainz is started – best eBOOKs in the with this slogan. As the content of homepage operators sought out the market of eBooks, which already plays a large role in America, in Europe is still in its infancy. eBooks are electronic books that are read on the PC, the […]

First Pulp On Kindle

February 1st, 2021

from the Heidelberger author Alexander Nastasi In the baby maker, involves a daily topic of many young couples, the fertility. But what if both agree are, that they want children and it doesn’t work? An ad can be the already frustrated young woman sit up – as a baby maker advertised in the Frankfurt General […]

September 26, 2009 at the Dusseldorf cultural Cafe of Solaris in their reading performance the thing… Heart called “the poet Rabea Becker scatters glass splinters in the hearts of the listeners. Her poems, published in the debut album this thing called heart (ISBN 978-3-9811-7682-7), viewers move again and again captivated. The inner monologue that instantly […]


January 26th, 2021

Reina I. Vildebrand & Jurgen Thein in the Solaris the Duisburg songwriter and poets is Reina I. Vildebrand from her novel forthcoming with us Mongol child read. Passionate, funny and dramatic at the same time this is ideally suitable for a reading performance. Between the passages the singer and spokeswoman intersperses comments, poems and songs. […]

Dieter Thomas Heck (Peter Lanz)

November 11th, 2020

Dieter Thomas Heck biography – yellow press in book format rear works like a muzzleloader, if it occurs anywhere beyond holes into the brains of his listeners his language load – then nobody has an ear for what Stern says or writes Peter Lanz for him. As does this biography. It is in itself an […]

Catholic Church

October 29th, 2020

In the new edition of his book, Michael Eckert clarifies the question, what ways there for remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church is and could be. In the new edition of his book, Michael Eckert clarifies the question, what ways there for remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church is and could be. Here an excerpt […]

Marlene Dietrich

October 13th, 2020

“Marlene Dietrich and the twenties in a new biography of Frederik D. Tunnat that the Blue Angel ‘ triggered Marlene Dietrich’s career legend is. That a promoter active in the background gave her the lead role and significantly redesigned the screenplay, is, however, little known. His name: Karl vollmoeller. The biography of Marlene Dietrich vollmoeller […]

The Example

July 27th, 2020

The elaboration for the selected texts involves questions on the domnios of the reading: Localization and recovery of information: (where the readers in such a way need to search and to recoup explicit information in the text); Understanding and interpretation (where the readers in such a way need to relate and to integrate segments of […]


January 31st, 2020

Still citing Bachelard, the water is the element more constant than it symbolizes the forces more hidden human beings, simpler, simplificantes. Although all considered insane the attitude of the man, the word madness never more could be mentioned in its house, the subject was not argued, therefore wild all are considered the ones that run […]