Dresden travel organizer for class trips begins climate project together with Atmosfair flights are becoming increasingly popular especially among young people. Lying on the beach in Spain after just a few hours of flight, climb the Eiffel Tower or rattle with a Vespa through the narrow streets of Naples that irritates many. Partially offer the so-called low-cost airlines’ flights been less than 100,00 EUR to. Also Herole travel, one of the leading German tour operator in the area of class trips, reports a sharp increase in air travel in recent years. One-third of the class trips are now air travel around already and it objectives in Europe be addressed. The ejected amount of CO2, which can be repeatedly listen climatologists is nothing to sneeze at. On a flight from Berlin to Lisbon 1180 kg are emitted per passenger on a round-trip, for example, CO2, what to drive about half a year is equivalent to. The Dresden company Herole travel launches just in time for the new school year a new project, in which both the company self, as well its kunden can make a meaningful contribution to climate protection.

Customers are asked an amount of EUR 1 per person on one to donate bus travel and 8 EUR per person on a flight for a climate project in India and Herole travel agrees in Exchange for 2011 to make a contribution of EUR 5,000. Through these donations a project can be supported in the rural India, where about 80 million people have still not stable power supply and therefore use kerosene lamps. The people living there use up to one-third of their monthly income for the purchase of kerosene to meet only the essential need for light. Together with their partners atmosfair supports the Herole GmbH now the inhabitants with LED lamps powered by solar cells, at a price which is affordable for the poor. By the end of next year, several hundred thousand lamps will be sold so also with the help of other companies.

This year up to 30,000 tons are expected CO2 savings. The project goes on an initiative of the atmosfair GmbH, which it made to the task airlines, to inform tour operators and individual passengers about the increasing burden on the Earth’s climate and to offer them a positive ability to act. There is detailed information about the project in the new Herole catalogue, which comes out in August 2010 and on the website (www.herole.de). With Herole travel traveled in 2010 over 45,000 students and teachers throughout Europe. Also group tours for adults and supervised during the summer youth tours are offered in addition to class trips. A total of 31 employees at the Dresdner headquarters to the special needs of customers. Since its inception in 2002 the company has grown a rapid growth it tries which in the coming year to expand.

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