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Phone Uses

December 11th, 2020

Today everyone can afford a phone connection at home or the office, but few know the history of invention of this device is so familiar. Invention, a device that would transmit and receive audio using to the properties of electricity, preceded by the appearance of the electric telegraph. February 14, 1876 an American of Scottish […]


November 24th, 2015

* Portrait of the phenomenon of "Spirits," you "grandpa" waiting for That's the start of spring recruitment into the ranks of the Russian army. A lot of guys all over Russia are waiting for a summons to military enlistment. And for some of them severe soldiers weekdays already expired and they returned to civilian life. […]

Drinking Water

January 25th, 2012

Take for example the countryside Hoeyz Bridge. Of the thirty respondents homeowners fourteen stated that they have only one source of water intake. The quality of these sources was estimated to be generally low to beautiful, but they were considered fit for drinking. In the remaining sixteen Households are categorically rejected the nine sources from […]