Posted November 24th, 2015 by Suzy

* Portrait of the phenomenon of "Spirits," you "grandpa" waiting for That's the start of spring recruitment into the ranks of the Russian army. A lot of guys all over Russia are waiting for a summons to military enlistment. And for some of them severe soldiers weekdays already expired and they returned to civilian life. Former soldiers celebrate their demobilization, honestly giving homeland duty to one year hardship and deprivation. They proudly told Army stories and cheer youth of premilitary age for which all soon only the start.

Like, do not worry there is not, in the army. Future soldiers are trying not to faint, go into dungeons military offices with smiles, but only laughter comes from them is not quite sure. Especially after the stories of brave Dembele on broken stools on his head and massive "night" fizkultzanyaty arranged by the "grandfather" … But as a devil as he is painted? I myself returned from the army five years ago, when life was even two years. And more recently, After serving a year, was discharged, my brother Nicholas. I, like many, do not just have to listen to stories about military service. Celebrating the demobilization of his brother, I heard from his lips a lot of stories: both funny and sentimental. From these stories I realized one thing: despite the many innovations, global changes in the ranks of the Russian army, apart from reducing the life did not happen. I have heard many stories about such a plan: "When we arrived, then we called up a guy, the CCM in boxing.

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