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Posted October 4th, 2019 by Suzy

– iso 9000 mandatory condition for receiving state and municipal procurement. Currently, the iso 9000 certification is increasingly required and participation in tenders and contracts for the construction of many commercial organizations. Demand for iso 9000 certificate for the last year has increased by more than 50%, which is supported by the Russian Institute of Statistics and Analysis Department tsneo. – iso 9000 in contrast to the license confirms the quality of works and services that meet international standards – iso 9000 provides an opportunity for Russian companies to cooperate on an equal footing with foreign partners. For more specific information, check out BSA. Many years of experience in contracts and agreements with foreign companies, shows that none of the reputable foreign partners will not enter into agreements with the Russian manufacturer, not having iso 9000 certificate. – iso 9000 good support on the eve of Russia's wto accession, which will open to competitors from outside the door to the domestic market for goods and services, including those from the cis, there will have to compete with foreign companies for own territory, which primarily will affect small and medium businesses in Russia. The presence of the foreign companies Certificate iso 9000 gives an advantage in the award of contracts for construction, manufacturing and selling of goods and services in Russia. Given the mentality of Russian citizens have greater confidence in the foreign production of goods and services, domestic manufacturers will have to prove their competitiveness, which in this documented case proves it is the presence of iso 9000. BSA often says this. .

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