Posted June 11th, 2017 by Suzy

Therefore the alms exempts of the death and hinders that if it falls in the darknesses. Valuable Dom is the alms for how many ahead of the Highest a they practise. Who of to the poor person will not have necessity, but who of it hides its eyes will have many curses. Who makes charity to the poor person loans the Jav, and it will give yours rewards. Son, you do not refuse the poor person its food, you do not deviate your eyes of the villain.

You do not make to suffer that one that has hunger, you do not annoy the man in its poverty. ers on the topic.. You do not agitate a desperate heart, you do not deny yours dom to the needed one; you do not reject the beggar oppressed, your face you do not deviate from the poor person. You do not deviate your look of what he asks for, you do not give to reason pra to it to curse you, cursing therefore you in its bitterness, the Creator will take care of its outcry. When he will have a poor person in your way, that is one alone of your brothers in one of your cities, you will not close the hand for this your poor brother, nor you will harden your heart; to the opposite, opens it to it hand, loaning what it lacks to it, in the measure of its necessity. He is intent that your eye if becomes bad stops with your poor brother, swims giving to it; it would clamaria the Jav against you a sin in you would have. When to give something, you do not give with me the will to it, therefore in reply to this gesture, he will all bless you to Jav in your work, in all enterprise of your hand. He will never leave to have poor persons in the land; he is therefore I command that you: he opens the hand for your brother, of your humble and poor one in your land.

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