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June 11th, 2017

Therefore the alms exempts of the death and hinders that if it falls in the darknesses. Valuable Dom is the alms for how many ahead of the Highest a they practise. Who of to the poor person will not have necessity, but who of it hides its eyes will have many curses. Who makes charity […]

Public Power People

March 19th, 2015

Edson Silva Day of these, following substances on floods in the region of Campinas, called me attention, enters as many interviews with people who had had furniture, foods and dreams destroyed for the enormous amounts of waters that have fallen down this way says, it of a woman, inhabitant in Sumar, one of the many […]


April 15th, 2012

Which the criteria for a good choice? (The here described principles can be adopted for any type of team.) The criteria and details are many if to observe so that the pastoral team is excellent. As we do not have the intention to complicate, but to simplify, let us see the three criteria that I […]