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Posted January 29th, 2021 by Suzy

The toleration of genital mutilation at up to 400,000 Godfather girl leads to the fraud of thousands of donors Hamburg, the August 10, 2010. Com Meals spoke with conviction. In September 2009 for the first time serious violation of children rights in German development aid projects of the light have been linked to the Godfather girl campaign: the organizations plan international, world vision relief, children and ChildFund intentionally tolerate the genital mutilation of up to 400,000 Pate girls in 18 countries. All organizations reject it as before, to anchor the renunciation of this violence in their eligibility criteria and to make the condition for relief efforts and to demand in particular protection against mutilation of the recipient communities. With its refusal to implement the easiest standards for the protection of vulnerable girls, be the sponsorship organizations not only against the United Nations child rights Convention of 1989, but commit fraud on thousands of donors. For donations of up to 360 euros per year are no better future a godfather girl”bring, if it delivered this heavy violence was: the damage for the victims and society as a whole is through vaccinations, well, or visits to make up for. “” The occasional projects of these organizations offer no protection, is going for decades with enlightenment “and culture-sensitive dialog” legitimized the genital mutilation, which deprived perpetrators and maintained the violence this way. So far, hardly anyone figured out this scam.

Because clever rhetoric, E.g. advertising statements such as plan ensures that girls like Zaria from Togo can grow up healthy”or your regular support guarantees children protection against violence, exploitation and discrimination” (child emergency), suggests us, it will already every effort made to protect of the girls from avoidable violence. To growing public pressure, responding organizations until now not about with safeguards for the Godfather girls, but justify their policy of tolerance and simply adjust their advertising messages. It is for all of us so always “harder, without background knowledge the black sheep” to make that abuse the trust of donors and donor through lies and tolerance of severe violation of children rights in the development aid sector. In addition to the individual suffering of mutilated girls, it is this aspect of fraud, why our society can no longer tolerate the current policy of the sponsor organizations. The solution for women’s and children’s rights in development assistance: contact: task force for effective prevention of genital mutilation e.V. Simone Schwarz, press officer telephone: 01803-767-346

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