Tips For Freelancers

Posted June 21st, 2019 by Suzy

When you work as independent or freelance go through periods where you will have an excessive amount of work and are in a stage of silence. Although it is not something you need to worry about, it is important that you don’t miss these moments that you can devote yourself to work your business promotions and marketing. Read more from PCRM to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Create your own cards, an interesting logo, calendars personalized with information about your company, etc are very useful marketing work that will give great visibility to your brand. But you can also use another series of actions that will benefit you greatly. Below you will find a series of tips that will allow you to carry out your work as a professional in a more productive way and make profits through marketing and advertising activities: promote yourself: you are your business, so you should promote yourself to yourself as it is made with a company. Attend all conferences and conventions in your industry, create your own profile on social networks of business type such as Linkedin or Twitter and creates a website where You can place what makes your company and your resume to let potential customers know your experience. Be proactive: get in touch with former clients and dedicate a time. Ask them if they are happy with the service that you lent them, if they wish to change something or even if they want to make a new order.

Does not lack that pressures them, simply treats these conversations as a service after-sales or post-contrato. Don’t be afraid, most of your customers will thank you to contact them again and will definitely see it as something positive. Perfect your tools with practice: If you’re a writer or translator, the fact that not you between work does not mean that you can not practice. Perfect your technique through practice or even informing you of new technologies available in the market. So, when you have a client again or a custom can not only play it in the best way possible if not that also can even give you a better service than before. These simple tricks will improve your capacity as a professional. Leverages the downtime to learn, improve and Polish all the details of your experience that you’re not satisfied. This way your confidence in yourself will remain intact in periods of low demand, and you’ll be ready and the fully charged battery when your next customer. Original author and source of the article

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