The World

Posted January 5th, 2021 by Suzy

Therefore confrontation with ' ' prince of this mundo' ' , that he does not have to be able on Jesus. What ' ' mundo' ' of, even so he seems, is not peace, but he is treva and suffering. Dom of Jesus is the salvation, the overcoming of ' ' Prince of this mundo' ' of ' ' maligno' '. The disciples are removed of the world and therefore they are hated by the world, therefore ' ' servant is not greater that its senhor' ' (15,18-21). the coming of the Spirit will place an end point in the errors of the prince of this world that ' ' he is julgado' ' (16,11).

Everything this to indicate to the disciples the coming tribulaes and difficulties that do not have to scare, therefore the world already is defeated: ' ' Courage tends, I won mundo' ' (16,33). to infundir courage and security in the disciples, Jesus makes the conjunct of chapter 17, for which it asks for to the father the protection for the disciples who, even so originary of the world ' ' they are not of mundo' '. Thus prece of Jesus is understood, in relation to the disciples: ' ' I do not ask for you take off that them of the world, but you keep that them of the Maligno' ' (17,15). Then what it is the world, opposed to the light? Pain, sadness, death, presence of ' ' maligno' ' everything that if manifest to leave and by means of the people who do not adhere or does not believe in the verb that inhabited between us. It was present in the world that was its, but this creation turned it the coasts. For redimiz it was that the verb if made meat and seted its tent between us (in this world). 8 – Evangelho of the spirit? ' ' Vi the spirit to go down, as a dove coming of the sky, and to remain on ele' '.

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