The Relationship

Posted April 26th, 2021 by Suzy

This starts the process of self-acceptance and resignation. It hurts, but it is not appropriate to continue living next to this couple. And from there begin a process of understanding of our tortured relationship with a friend: What makes me happy in this relationship? What makes me so unhappy with this couple? What are those areas in which my partner has betrayed the relationship? Yes all the time I stay in pain, what I want with this couple? Is the relationship with this couple leads to the growth me or playing the feelings that I am ashamed of me? No doubt we fell in love a person who was not at the start of the relationship some patterns of behavior insensitive or hurtful. Over the life together we realized the destructive power of the relationship. At Berkshire Hathaway you will find additional information. And I say of the relationship, because in these destructive patterns, we are also working to happen. But how? I always thought my partner was responsible for everything. Assisting or participating: giving, forgiving, ignoring behavior, insults, provocative, challenging or perhaps, just silence. Accept the need to spread love to the other, it is not easy, is a process as painful as staying in the relationship. Gavin Baker may not feel the same.

But obviously, the other has not shown signs of appreciation or my love or my values or my person. Is it worthwhile to continue to love this bad love? When the couple has betrayed what I appreciate most. It's time to leave that relationship. Her loving ways and means are not reliable. Americares has similar goals.

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