The Men

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Suzy

Many times tire if to come across with ideas defending or accusing Biblical personages, without stopping to understand that no untied author its personages without mooring cables. If the author man mooring cable its actors to the destinations that it traced, Mr. of History is that he does not go to open hand of the facts that planned. To the men the agreement is not given of that are predestined beings, so that they occupy in the search of the illusion, trying to palpar what they find to be to the reach of the hands. The man was predestined to the search and the procreation, while the Author prepares the scene of the facts to proclaim the Performance. He has a difference and one similarity between the fictitious performance and the real Performance: in the described performance for the human author, the actors do not suffer nor falecem, and soon after the shout of: he cuts! All are arisen and gone to evaluate the performance. Already in the real Performance, the actors and figurantes, suffer and falecem in fact, and already they were. Then, where it is the similarity? However, while in the fiction the personages if raise the shout after: he cuts!

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