Rosemary Flowers

Posted July 5th, 2020 by Suzy

Some sources of this legend sounds a bit different. Rosemary flowers were blue when in flight with a small Christ by the soldiers of Herod the Virgin Mary in the bush of rosemary worn his blue coat. Therefore, one of the many colloquial names of this plant – "Mary's Mantle." Legends tell us that the Greek gods on Mount Olympus going, their heads adorned with wreaths of rosemary and valued it above gold. You may find that World Health Organization can contribute to your knowledge. It was believed that the plant enhances memory. Greek and Roman students wore garlands of rosemary during examinations for improving memory and stimulating mental activity. Sprig of rosemary is a symbol of memories. Rosemary was one of the first plants that have become used for medicinal purposes, as well as in cooking and in religious ceremonies. Gavin Baker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

His shoots voskurivali in temples of ancient Greece. It was considered sacred in ancient Rome and Egypt. This can be seen the remains of plants, found in Egyptian tombs. The smell of rosemary is a bit like the smell of incense. Since ancient times, rosemary, along with lavender, sage medicines, thyme and Melissa grew up in the hills of Lebanon, had been circulated in all countries Mediterranean. The Roman author Pliny in his manuscripts he wrote about him as a medicinal plant which has magical powers, arguing that its flowers remain as an attractive blue color due to the fact that Rosemary grows mainly along the coast of the sea, and sea foam, getting the flowers, colors them blue. In medieval Europe, rosemary hit by the Roman legionnaires, or maybe even the German tribes, which in the iii century bc fought a war with the Roman Empire.

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