Real Madrid

Posted May 12th, 2019 by Suzy

Real Madrid wins a convincing 3-0 to the most successful team in Mexico. Xabi Alonso was low last minute by discomfort in the dorsal area. The forcefulness of Cristiano Ronaldo, with three goals in the second half, knocked down the Mexican Wall imposed by Club Deportivo Guadalajara, in a friendly match held in San Diego, California between the two most successful teams in Mexico and Spain for Real Madrid. The Madrid was from least to most. He was slow and without clarity of ideas in the first part, although it showed a much more cheerful face in the second half, thanks to the vision of Ozil and Cristiano intensity. All this despite the fact that Jose Mourinho plans were disrupted at the last minute due to the low of last hour of Xabi Alonso, with discomfort in the dorsal area. Raphael Varane French was the positive note in the first 45 minutes.

Sober, fast, asset’scarryingamount, without forgetfulness and attentive always, profiling recommended by Zinedine Zidane made him forget his 18 years and acted as a true quarterback next to players so experienced as Ricardo Carvalho. Club Deportivo Guadalajara, hidden in his own field and wait for an error from his opponent to mount counterattack, showed himself as a much more dynamic and aggressive than the Galaxy, team first opponent of the Real Madrid in the offseason. Well planted in the field and with confidence in dnsa, Mexicans, in its last friendly before beginning the official competition in your country, they were based almost all of his danger in the forwards Marco Fabian and Omar Arellano. Of Jose Mourinho, for his part, with the skill of barn and the Coentrao explosiveness in the double pivot and dominating the center of the field, trying to supply balls to Ozil so that connect with Cristiano Ronaldo up, a connection that left several quality details. Little by little the Madrid, despite an inadvertent Kaka, was doing with the domain of the encounter and both Benzema and Ronaldo put in trouble goalkeeper Michel, but despite the effort, the whites failed clearly to the rival area and crashing again and again against the Mexican wall. Chivas, shortly before coming to rest, to point were put ahead with a clear chance to Fabian that apart Arbeloa, although that occasion was quickly answered by a Ronaldo zapatazo after pass from Ozil and a headbutt of Varane, who shortly after returned to avoid somewhat from the Guadalajara with an accurate entry about Arellano. The domain of Madrid was on the rise in the second half.

The sense of danger, also. First with a chance to Jose Callejon (m.58), then with the Fabio Coentrao admitted and finally with the spectacular view of Ozil, while Benzema could not materialize separate occasions after assists from German. Only the determination of Ronaldo, in a reject, was able to beat the goalkeeper Michel. It was after a service of Benzema from the right wing and beating two dense position. Portuguese crashed a ball at the crossbar a minute later to pass of the Motril alley and moments later scored the second to materialize a penalty marked envelope Pepe. In conclusion, the triangulation of Coentrao, Ozil and Cristiano was completed by this with a swing set to the stick left, impossible to tackle for Michel. The meeting was followed by some 35,000 spectators at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego. Source of the news: three great goals of Cristiano Ronaldo demolished the Chivas

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