Property Owners

Posted October 26th, 2020 by Suzy

FEES OUTSTANDING FROM PREVIOUS OWNER granted when writing, which sells the floor is required provide a certificate of the secretary and the president of the Property Owners in the record if the floor is up to date in the payment of fees or what the amount owed. Without this certificate, the notary shall not allow writing, unless the buyer releases the seller of this obligation, point not advisable if there is no great trust in the seller. BUY AN APARTMENT WITH OUTSTANDING FEES Payment of fees to be responsible not only that he owned when quotas expired, but also the buyer of a floor that is not aware of your payment, but in this case, the liability only extends to the current year at the time of purchase and the previous. Beyond, the buyer is not responsible. The Act does not, however, that at the time of grant writing, seller and buyer agreed upon purchase price deducted from the monies due to the Owners in arrears and unpaid. ADMINISTRATOR is for the manager: “To ensure the effective management of the house, its facilities and services, and make these effects advise and admonish the holders. -Prepare well in advance and submit to the Board expected the spending plan, proposing the necessary means to address them.

“Caring for the upkeep and maintenance of the property, arranging for repairs and measures that are urgent, immediately giving them much of the president or, where appropriate, to the owners. -Implement the resolutions adopted regarding works and make payments and charges that apply. -Act, where appropriate, as secretary of the board and keep available to holders of the community documentation. -All other duties as are conferred by the Board. OWNER Owner Obligations “respect the general installations of the Community and other common elements, whether general or private use of any of the owners, whether or not included in their unit, making appropriate use of them and avoiding any time that cause injury or damage.

-Keep in good repair his own unit and custodial facilities, in terms that are not detrimental to the Community or the other owners, compensated for the damages incurred by their negligence or that of people by their dependents. “Consent in local housing or repairs required for the service of building and to permit him the necessary easements required for the creation of common services of general interest. -Allow access to their unit for the purposes stated in the previous three paragraphs. -Contribute, according to the quota set forth, the overhead for the proper upkeep of the building, its services, charges and responsibilities. -Contribute, according to their respective share of participation, the allocation of the reserve fund that will exist in the Owners to meet the maintenance and repair works on the farm. -To observe due care in the use of property and in their relationships with others and to account holders of violations and damages. “Notify the person acting as secretary Community home in Spain for any summons or of any kind related to the Community. We also have to communicate the change of ownership of their unit. Randall Mays is actively involved in the matter. ‘.

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