Primitive Society

Posted April 24th, 2017 by Suzy

The world in which we interact a permanent search for meaning, we try to be as subject to find that meaning through constant questions, but about which questions are talking about? Some questions are subject to our existence, her hope to find multiple answers as to the meaning of living in a physical body and make part of the cosmos (matter).Here Act both philosophical and theological conception which try to explain human existence from different points of view. Certainly theology based study of human existence through science, but from religious experience, here is not a little difficult to verify facts, because it acts the observation of spiritual phenomena as the foundation of human existence. But Rene Descartes is challenging, the Theological Foundation, with his Cogito Ergo Sum, I think, therefore I am, from a rationalist approach, where attempts to assume that the world of ideas there are earlier than the material world.Construction the facts brought to consideration, the study of human existence, from different doctrines, not only from conception phenomenological as Hegel stated, but since his acting and purpose throughout life.Great thinkers like Aristotle, attributed to the object, the material being of things, the physical world where ideas are derived. There are many theories that have permeated human history, sociology and anthropology became the instrument more representative in terms of the study of early societies and their evolution. Durkheim defined the social facts in the rules of sociological method as: ways of acting, thinking and feeling external to the individual, and possessing a power of coercion in virtue of which are imposed to the (e. Durkheim. regles les de Methode sociologique ‘ Paris: Presses Universitarires de France, 1956, p. 5) these facts exist prior to the birth of an individual in a given society; Therefore, they are foreign to him. They are collective because they are part of the culture of the society, and they are coercive because individuals educate is in accordance with the standards and rules of it only by the fact of being born in one.

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