Palestinian Authority

Posted August 22nd, 2013 by Suzy

Tzipi Livni evolved from Zionist ultra-nationalism of his youth to a posibilismo that assumes the Palestinian statehood and the waiving of part of the West Bank to preserve the Jewish character of the State of Israel and faithful to the thought of Ben – Gurion ‘I prefer the unity of the Jewish people, to the territorial unit of Israel’, would be willing to go a long way in the form of concessions in exchange for peace with Arab neighbors, although always with the condition sine-qua-nonde ensure that the State of Israel is strong, self-sufficient and respected by the countries of the region. Oslo agreement III: Obama would be forced to participate personally in the process of negociacioncon the objective of establishing the bases for the establishment of the future Palestinian State (prior recognition of the State of Israel by Palestinian side) and that would conclude with the signing of a peace treaty between the new israeli Prime Minister and the new President of the Palestinian Authority (which would be the representative of the new unity Government that would emerge after the inevitable approach of Hamas and Fatah), after the final withdrawal of Abbas. Thus, under pressure of the Quartet for the Middle East, Hamas would proceed to the liberation of the Jewish soldier Gilad Shalit, (captive in the Strip since June 25, 2006) and in return, Israel would to make more flexible the boycott of Gaza, not being disposable application by la ONU of Chapter VII of its Charter that establishes when a zone or area falls under the control of a group of politico-military (such as the Islamic resistance Hamas), and when the civilian population is exposed or under fire because of military actions of that group, the la ONU Security Council must intervene to ensure the protection of civilians and the establishment of peace there where has been altered, emulating past interventions of the ONU in areas like Bosnia and East Timor. Such an agreement would have blessings policy of Egypt, Russia, Syria and Irany as economic partners needed in the reconstruction of Gaza to Saudi Arabia, USA, EU, Japan, and United Arab Emirates (with an approximate cost of us $ 2 billion) and should be global and binding for all countries of the geopolitics of the Middle East area and achieve the establishment of a new status quo in the area (Pax obamaniana)Once resolved the nuclear dispute with Iran us and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This operation will have the initial opposition of the influential U.S. Jewish lobby, but that it might end up accepting to receive the blessings of USA to the completion of the West Bank wall (which would include approximately 10% of the territory of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem) and the increase in economic aid encrypted during the Bush administration in some $ 3 billion of aid (amount which represents almost 2% of the GDP of Israel Israel as a counterpart, but the peace will be unstable and its duration will depend on the negotiations in Israel with Syria for the return of the Golan Heights and the future attitude of Hisbolad and Hamas, as if both formations persist in their attacks on israeli territory violated the sacrosanct security required by the Jewish population, it could increase tension in the area and re-edit the cast lead operation. GERMN GORRAIZ LOPEZ original author and source of the article.

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