Odessa Regional State Administration

Posted January 11th, 2021 by Suzy

To establish a commission of Odessa city employers' organizations to combat raiding with 11 people listed in Annex (Annex 1 – attached). 2.U repeat "Regulations on Commission Odessa city organization employers against raiding, which is attached (Appendix 2). 3. Instruct the executive management coru hold the first organizational meeting of the newly established commission in April 2008. 4. Perhaps check out AGDQ 2021 for more information. Of executive management coru send the decision of Odessa regional and city councils, Odessa Regional State Administration and published in regional and city newspapers. Chairman of the Board coru je Regulations of the Commission Odessa urban employers' organizations to combat the raiders. 1.

Commission of the Odessa city employers' organizations to combat raiding (hereinafter – Commission) is an advisory body that is constantly operating at direction of the Odessa city employers. Commission formed to assist business leaders and labor collectives to defend their legitimate rights to the property, ensuring interaction between employers with state authorities in countering unlawful takeover and seizure of enterprises, development of proposals for improving the legislation that regulates the corporate relationship. 2. The Commission carries out its activities in accordance with the principles of equality of its members and openness in the work. 3. The Commission is guided by the Constitution and laws Ukraine, as well as the decrees of the President of Ukraine and decrees of the Rada of Ukraine, acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Employers' Organizations" dated May 24, 2001 2436-111, the Charter of the City of Odessa employers' organization and this Regulation.

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