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Posted July 23rd, 2016 by Suzy

Report associations and foundations Web 2.0 of Antarctic Solucionessobre the digitalisation of Spanish institutions and their access to Internet, positioning and consolidation, and employment of the various social networks, associations and Spanish foundations are facing a challenge that happens to introduce Lastecnologias of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their organizations, knowing how to improve management, the promotion of their activities on the Internet and know run a defined communication strategy to achieve its own positioning in the network. Thus, after analyzing the report associations Web 2.0 in progress, published and implemented by Antarctic solutions, the reality of this collective and entity set suggests to consolidate a model of support that accelerate the adoption of a diagnosis of consulting to implement a series of recommendations that speed up the process, which would imply the creation of a Plan of action to carry to out the relevant explanations and integrating a methodological system to change the current situation. In the 21st century communications are made through access and connection to the network from any device, especially through the growth of sales of next-generation mobile phones, which are the last mode of services to perform any action on the Internet, without forgetting the possibility of purchase of objects. Also, the portal, the use and employment of social networks, the possibility of subscribing to a newsletter or access to the management platform under the Cloud Computing paradigm are part of a reality that is unknown by 70% of the Spanish associations until today. The trend, for his part, according to large consulting firms of information, is the adoption of computer systems and technological applications through virtualization, which will consolidate modelswitch 360 in a single communication platform, in order to synthesize all processes and be able to respond to every action, function, activity or responsibility. The associative fabric requires a series of suggestions, alternatives and possibilities to measure your choices and focus their activity in one place. In fact, Internet comfort, efficiency and implementation of the multitude of their functions, as well as the development and implementation of collaborative from any point of the planet projects are part of one of the attractions of the network of networks. The associations Web 2.0 report clears the way to a collective that is vitally important in a country like Spain, so analysis and results obtained show us the current state of the fabric requiring the refurbishment of some of the concepts. That is why, in view, analyzed and known the situation of entities, Antarctic solutions has elaborated and developed a management system adapted to this very special casuistry, where the big challenge has been optimize resources and enhance the much-needed communication in large collective. From these moments, an association or nonprofit entity can have your propiIntranet, your social network and your own CRM with which to work and build budgets, invoicing or the own community partners in real time. By Jorge iron Alvarez

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