Multi Air Flow

Posted November 3rd, 2016 by Suzy

These refrigerators do not require defrosting. But at the same time Refrigerators No Frost could not dislodge from the usual stores. Why? First, they are more expensive. Second, the vast majority of modern refrigerators automatic defrost refrigerator compartment. Third, for reasons of hygiene, a refrigerator must be cleaned at least once a year, and while it will still have to disable it. And as experience shows, frost freezes for a year is not so much.

And, finally, enhanced multi-threaded system blowing cold air products, with which indeed is more uniform and rapid freezing of products in all parts of the refrigerator, impose strict requirements on food packaging. With their non-compliance can be quickly dehydrated and drying foods (especially fruits, berries, etc.). Most often in descriptions of models of different companies found the term 'Multi-threaded cooling system' (Multi Air Flow), which means cooling chamber set countervailing flow of cold air. In the chamber, cooled in this way, supported by more uniform temperature and humidity. In modern units the fan is usually hidden from view and located on the back of the refrigerator, though, depending on the manufacturer, it can also be placed between the refrigerator and freezer on top panel, and even embedded in the door (for example, the cooling system of the doors – the development company LG). Some manufacturers protect products against the penetration of warmer air from the outside through a system of 'air Curtain, creating between the door and the inner space of the refrigerator uniform vertical flow of cold air (for example, can serve as refrigerators Daewoo).

'Weeping' refrigerators operate on a different principle. In such models, each time during the compressor stops moisture condenses on the back of the camera and dripping on a guide channel in a special container located above the unit, where the moisture evaporates. In the cold room maintained high humidity, and food does not dry out. The frequency and duration of the defrosting cycles depend on the setting of the thermostat knob, boot appliance products, temperature environment. As a rule, defrost the refrigerator compartment in such models is not necessary. But, as in sub-zero temperature condensate freezes and turns to frost, freezer requires periodic defrost (at an average load of food – about 2-3 times per year). Sometimes one model contains two systems: in such cases, freezer equipped with fans providing a constant circulation cold air and not giving ineyu freezes on the walls, and the refrigerator compartment defrosts automatically using a weeping 'of the wall.

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